This story is going to be about people that are like werewolves, but actually werelynxes. (Were-lynx)


1. Werelynx

I had finally learned to except the fact that I was part lynx, even though I was born like that and now I am seventeen. Oh, sorry my name is Lyra. I can't tell you my ;ast name because it is too risky. You shuld now, I can change from human to lynx, like a werwwolf. So let's call me a werelynx.

I walked to my best frind's house. Her name is Clarity, and she is my only friend. To speed it up, I changed into a lynx and ran through the forest. I bounded to her house and as the door opened I changed back. Clarity beckoned me in so I followed her to her room. When we were in her room she closed the door and truned to face me. "I want to be a werelynx like you." She said. "The only way I can do that is to scratch you, and it is too risky. You know that, Clarity." I said calmly to her. "I will take the risk of dying. You said there is and 80 percent chance I will turn werelynx and 20 pecent chance I will die." She reasoned. "Fine." I gave in.

Clarity's POV

I folowed Lyra to her window and she chnged into a lynx after opening the window. I got on her back and she jumped outside and ran deep into the forest. She finally stopped and I got off. "You do not know how weird it is for your BFF to ride on  your back." She said to me in the lynx language she had made. I sat down and she crawled over. "Ready?" She asked with her face. I nodded and waited. She sat down and held up her paw. Then, in one blow, she swung down on my shoulder leaving a gash. No blood came out and I felt little pain.

"It's working. It's almost done." Lyra said, back in human form. I closed my eyes as the cut disappeared and I changed slowly from human to a lynx form. When I opened my eyes I was a lynx.

"You will have to stay in the forest with me for a month before your body is able to change back. You can only change back once you have mastered your lynx." Lyra said. "What!" I growled, only another lynx woukd be able to understand what I was saying. Lyra changed and said " I will help you and I won't leave until you can change."


For the next two weeks we spent our time hunting, practicing skills like jumping nd runnong, and play fighting as lynxes.

It wasn't nealry as bad as I expected.


Lyra's POV

The month was soon over, and Clarity was able to change back. as soon as she did so, she stroked her longish-brown hair, whispering "No more fur." I rolled my eyes and realized one small problem. We were deep in the ofrest nd no one knew where we were. Of course, my parents wouldn't care after I explained to them, but Clarity's parents would be a problem.

It would be best to get back as soon as possible. I was guessing Clarity didn't want to change back for awhile, so we started walking home. I heard the distnat howls of the werewolves. Crap.

Our town was filled with..... unusual creatures. There were werelynxs, werewolves, werehorses, and werecats. None of them liked eachother. Any disagreement ended in fight. Except for the werelynxes and werehorses. We didn't ever fight, just went along on our own bisnuss.

But one thing that always arose fight, was when one of the creatures changed a human to be like them. The exact thing I had done.

So when I heard the werwolves, I whispered "Clarity, change back to your lynx and RUN. The werwolves are near." Clarity did as she was told,  already knowing about all the unusual creatures in our town, and we started bounding back to her house.

Too little too late. They caught up.







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