The Angel and The Devil

Desire is an angel. Nessie is a devil. Neither of them fit where their supposed to. But when a chance encounter brings them together, they can't help but notice their similarities. Becoming best friends, they decide to switch titles- and lives. But the punishment if their discovered is as severe as it can get. Will they be able to keep their secret or will they be shunned by their families for the rest of their lives?


13. Old Man, You Got Nothing On Me

Desire's Point of View:

 "I'd rather stand," I say, biting my lip. I recongnize this guy. He's the head of the Devil council. I don't know what he'd want with Nessie-me- but I know it's not good. 

  "Sit," He says, pointing to seat. I listen to what he says and sit in the red leather chair in Nessie's living room, "I have a serious matter to... get cleared." 

  I look up at him, "I didn't do anything wrong. I mean... I don't know what you're talking about. Thinking about it, I have done a lot wrong." 

  The old man smiles. It's not a happy smile. It's a cruel, mean smile. One of those that clowns have, "Nessie, I'd rather have you tell me the truth now. If you don't the punishment will be very severe."

  I put my elbows on my knees and look at him in the eyes, "May as well stop bluffing and tell me what's going on."

  He raises his eyebrows. Their thick and match his black hair, "The angel council has brought much to my attention. They say that they have an angel that has very much improved on their watch list. And I informed them that I had another person improving on my list- you."

  I interupt him, "That doesn't mean anything."

  "Nessie, when most people are put on the watch list, they never make it off. The fact that you and this other girl- I was informed her name was Desire- have improved so much is a mirical. To good to be true," He says then pauses, "I believe that something... odd has ocurred. A law broken." 

  I look up at him with my best confused face, "What are you hinting at?"

  "Have you had any contact with Desire Montaya?"


  "Have you ever head of her?"


  "Have you and Desire made arrangements to fit your siguations?"

  "No. What do you mean by arrangements?"

  He stops and looks at me for a moment. I watch as he pulls out a photo of me. My school photo, "Your eyes are awfully familiar. Not to mention your hair looks dyed." 

  I look straigt forward, "It means absolutley nothing."

  "Nessie... consider your options. I'll be watching. Tell your mother I said hi," He walks out the door quietly. I look at the door once more to be sure he's gone.

  I grab my bag and head up-stairs to my room. I throw the bag on my chair and sit down on my bed. I pick up Nessie's phone from the table and get D'Ablo's number out of my pocket and sit on my bed. I type the number in my phone and wait till he picks up, "D'Ablo? It's Nessie. Wanna do something later?" 

  *** The Next Day At School***

  I get off the bus with Tori. I was explaining to her every detail of me and D'Ablo's get together last night. I don't really think of the old man or Nessie until I get off the bus and meet Nessie's eyes. I stare at her for a few seconds then turn away. 

  Once I get to my locker, Nessie's there to get me. There's blonde streaks in her hair. I shake my head as she pulls me in. I'm not panicking, I bought two hair dye boxes for each of us, but I look at her with a sad look.

  "Nessie, stop panicking about your hair," I say in a quiet, shaky voice, "We're... We're in trouble."

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