The Angel and The Devil

Desire is an angel. Nessie is a devil. Neither of them fit where their supposed to. But when a chance encounter brings them together, they can't help but notice their similarities. Becoming best friends, they decide to switch titles- and lives. But the punishment if their discovered is as severe as it can get. Will they be able to keep their secret or will they be shunned by their families for the rest of their lives?


5. Just Me and a Devil Having a Convo

 Desire's Point of View

I look at the devil with curious eyes. I look around for a second and she gives me a strange look, "What are you looking for?"

 "Can we do this in a more... private place?" I ask and she lowers her eyes, discouraged. I dont exactly want to be rude but the last thing I need it a teacher reporting me interacting with a devil to the council. I grab her hand and pull her to the spot where I always go for privacy. It's a janitors closet that I'm sure hasn't been used in like a century. I pull the string and the light turns on, "You can't just start talking to me in a public place like that."

  "I'm sorry," Nessie says. Then she regains her confidence or something, "I mean, why not? You're not a queen or anything."

  Well if she wants to be like that, fine, "No, it's actually because I'm being watched by the Angel Council and I'm in danger of dishonoring my family and getting myself banished."

  "Oh," Nessie's forehead creases, "Then why...?"

  "You're awful curious for a devil," I snap, "I mean..."

  Nessie shakes her head, "Well you're an awfully mean for an angel."

 "I sigh, "I'm not a good angel."

 "I'm not a good devil. We have something in common. Great."

  I sit in a stool by the door, "Why did you come find me? I said I was sorry for book checking you. I mean.."

  "I don't know," Nessie's voice turns into a whisper, "I thought you seemed different from everyone else. I thought you might've been my way out."

  I look up at, my look confused, "I can barely help myself, much less you."

  "But you're an angel," Nessie says, "You're supposed to help people. You're supposed to help people who are lost. Like me."

  I stand up from my stool, "I'm lost okay! My mom hates me and my sister is perfect! Go ask her for help! Don't ask the angel who is barely getting by on her own to help you!"

 I turn on my heel and then I stop, "You want to be an angel dont you."

  "Yes," She stops and shakes her head, "I mean, no! What makes you think that, you idiot angel? You think you can transfer your stupid halo to me?"

  Ouch. I just look at her for a second, "How do you feel about hair dye?"

  She shrugs, "I've never had it."

  I turn off the light and turn to her right as I go to open the door, "Meet me here tommorrow, same time. I have an idea. Bye, Dyvaol."


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