The Angel and The Devil

Desire is an angel. Nessie is a devil. Neither of them fit where their supposed to. But when a chance encounter brings them together, they can't help but notice their similarities. Becoming best friends, they decide to switch titles- and lives. But the punishment if their discovered is as severe as it can get. Will they be able to keep their secret or will they be shunned by their families for the rest of their lives?


6. I've Never Waited This Long Before

   Nessie's POV:

  I walked home thinking about what Desire said. Hair dye? I ran a piece of blonde hair through my fingers. No, this was wrong. The Devil Council has been telling me to be bad or get out for a long time. Does this count as bad?

  I stepped into the house slowly. Ally walked up to me with her hands on her hips.

  "Mom wants to talk to you. She says it's quote-unquote 'important'." she says in a sassy tone. I sigh and walk upstairs.

  As I enter my mom's room, I ask, "Mom, are you there?"

  Just then, she emerges from the closet. "Oh, hi honey. Could you give me a second?" she says, because she has a soft spot for me. I'm lucky. Most devil moms are, well, devilish. 

  I wait for about 20 minutes because my mom actually had to clean her closet. I ended up sitting on the floor trying to count the hairs on my head.

  "Ok, sorry honey. Just um, cleaning. Anyways, did your sister tell you to come talk to me?" she asked, out of breath for some reason.

  "Yea, what did you need me for? Is it important?"

  "Sit down." she gestured towards the bed and we both sat down.

  "So, listen. The Devil Council called today. They said that you need to stop acting like an angel. Your a devil, hun." she sighs quietly.

  "I'm trying, Mom. I really am. I just don't fit in, ok?"

  "Well, keep trying." With that, I walked out.

                             ****************The Next Day After School*****************

  Finally, I thought. I pushed past everyone on my way to the closet. I have never been more relieved to go into a closet in my life! I ran up to the door, opened it quickly, and got inside without anyone seeing me.

  I backed up and heard a quiet "ow". I grabbed the light string and pulled it, and closed my eyes so they didn't have to adjust to the light. When I opened them, I saw Desire eyeing my curiously.

  "Oh, um, I just closed my eyes so they didn't have to-"

 "I don't care." she simply said, cutting me off. Why does everyone do that? "I got the dye."

  "Oh, you did? Look, I don't know about the plan. Let's not do it." I said.

  "Relax, I'm just kidding. Well, not really. I got the dye, we just need the plan." she smiled.

  "Um, it seems pretty simple. We dye our hair alike, you get bright green contacts and I get dark brown contacts, and we switch places, and be who we want to be. Am I right?" I ask, trying to take control, like devils are supposed to do.




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