The Angel and The Devil

Desire is an angel. Nessie is a devil. Neither of them fit where their supposed to. But when a chance encounter brings them together, they can't help but notice their similarities. Becoming best friends, they decide to switch titles- and lives. But the punishment if their discovered is as severe as it can get. Will they be able to keep their secret or will they be shunned by their families for the rest of their lives?


8. Finally, I'm an Angel!

  Nessie's POV:

   I skipped to Desire's house. Luckily we had each other's addresses, or we would be having some trouble right now. I hesitated before going inside.

  When I walked in, I felt like I was in heaven. Wait. Angels, heaven, that was funny. Everywhere I looked there was something white and charming. Suddenly, I heard someone walking towards me. How would Desire act? Oh no, i thought.

  "Desire, your grounded, remember? What took you so long?" said a woman I guess was her mom. I took a chance.

   "Sorry, mom. I needed help with my homework, so I asked Lizzie." I said, shaking on the inside. What if it wasn't her mom?

  "Ok, but not again. Ask your sister next time." Her mom walked away and I ran up the stairs and tried to find Desire's room. I opened a door and sitting at a desk was a girl that looked Desire and I's age, and now I remember her saying something about a twin sister. If only I remembered her name!

   "Hey Desire, what's up?" she asked suspiciously.

  "Um, sorry, just seeing if you were home. You are! I'm going to go do my homework." I said perky and proud. Her mouth sort of hung open. Wow, they were twins.

  "Do you, you know, need help?" she asked as if to say who-are-you-and-what-have-you-done-with-my-sister?

  "No, but thanks!" I replied and walked out. I didn't want this to turn ugly.

  When I finally found her room, I was amazed. It was perfect! It had all the perfect clothes, furniture, and the view from her window was amazing! I sat at her desk that looked like it had only been touched once. I took out her books and started her homework. If she actually took notes instead of doodling herself as a devil, maybe I would know Angel History. So, I read the entire Angel History book. Including the parts she hasn't covered in class yet. Finally, her homework was done.

    **********The Next Day**********


    I woke up at exactly 5:00 am. Yay! I skipped to the closet and looked at all the beautiful white dresses. There was so many to choose from! I finally picked a form fitting dress that poofed out at the waist, and was down to my knees. I didn't put any makeup on, and I was so glad. I put a skinny white headband in, and tried not to start dancing. Yup, it was just that exciting.

   Desire's mom came in soon after. "Desire, get up. Wait, Desire? Are you ok?" she asked with a confused look.

  "Yeah mom, I'm fine. I think that 'bad angel' thing of mine was just a phase." I smiled and went over to hug her. It felt different, more sincere.

  "That was one long phase." called Desire's sister from behind her mom.

  "Madison, could you go fix breakfast?" 'Mom' asked her. Oh, so her name is Madison. *Mental Note*

   When I got to school, I watched the devils get off the bus, and I saw Desire get off with Tori. I waved slightly to Des (which I'm now going to call her), and turned away.

  Just then, a girl who must be Lizzie came up to me.

   "Hey Desire, how are you feeling today?" she asked with a sympathetic smile. I can see why she is Des' best friend.

  "Great, thanks for asking." I smiled back at her and her sympathy went away. Now she looked suprised but relieved.

  The day went by too quick for my liking, but it was fun. We had a pop quiz in Angel History (which apparently happened yesterday also) and I, I mean Desire, got 100% !!!!!!

  After school, I went to the janitor's closet, hoping Des would come.

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