The Angel and The Devil

Desire is an angel. Nessie is a devil. Neither of them fit where their supposed to. But when a chance encounter brings them together, they can't help but notice their similarities. Becoming best friends, they decide to switch titles- and lives. But the punishment if their discovered is as severe as it can get. Will they be able to keep their secret or will they be shunned by their families for the rest of their lives?


11. Did I Just Say That?

  I looked down at the ground as I walked home. It was warm outside and the sun was shining. All of a sudden, I walked into something hard. I looked up to see I walked straight into the chest of a devil boy.

 "Watch where you're going!" I snap at him and he laughs.

  "You ran into me," He says, still laughing a tad bit, "I should be yelling that at you."

  "Well why aren't you then?"  I say, putting my hands on my hips. He looks at me up and down then smiles slightly.

  "'Cause you're hot," He says and I look up at him with raised eye brows. He extends his hand, "I'm D'Ablo."

  I shake his hand and smile, "Des- Nessie."

  "Well hello Nessie," He says and I realize his smile his perfectly white. He has blonde hair and brown eyes, similar to what I look like right now. He's hot too, "I haven't seen you around very often."

  "I go to school with you. I think I'm in your math class or something," I say shaking my head, "Whatever. Ethier I'm in your class or I'm not."

  He laughs, "Basically."

  "See ya around?" I say and I start to walk away.

  "Wait," He calls and he hands me a slip of paper, "Here's my number."

  "I'll call it maybe," I say with a flirty smile. I see him laugh out of my preprehal vision as I walk away. When I turn the corner, someone grabs a lock of my hair and pulls it backwards. I yelp in pain and when I look back to see who did it I see Nessie, "Oh, hey Ness." 

  "Hey!" She sqeals, "Guess what!"

  "I dunno," I say, "What?"

  "Your sister loves me! Oh, well I guess I mean you... But.. Um..."

  "Oh," I say in a disappointed voice. Madison loves the perfect angel, not the angel with a dyvaol personality, "I got this guy named D'Ablo's number." 

  Ness's eyes widen, "You got D'Ablo Madden's number?"

  "Yeah, he gave it to me right before you yanked my hair out," I say with a smile, but secretly holding on to the peice she yanked on. It hurts but I'll be over it in a second, "I think he likes you. Or me. Or... you know what this gets confusing from time to time." 

  "Yeah," She says, "Confusing."

  I can tell somethings wrong with her, "What?"


  "Tell me."

  "Well.. it's just the fact that he acts like he loves you. But he acted like I never exsisted. It's just weird," She says dazed.

  "Well my own sister likes you more. How do you think I feel?"

  I walk away and leave Nessie in the bushes, he mouth hanging wide open. I keep my head up all the way to Ness's house. When I open the door, I'm greeting by an old man.

  "Hello Nessie. I am Mr. Joel. Please. Take a seat." 

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