Book Review

These have some of my favorite books and I am going to tell you if you should read them and all that kind of stuff. I hope you guys enjoy. :)


2. Twilight New Moon Book 2

I know that if you guys like the first book you guys will love the second. Its not my favorite book in the series but it still is a good book. You guys will really love the ending. I think once you read the first book you will connect to the characters. Another good thing is the image that Stephine puts in your head. It really helps you see what is really going on in the book.I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you guys like vampires and warewolf that is another thing you will like about the book. I think that you guys should read the book and then watch the movie. The movie also gives you another good image in your head. Also who doesn't like Rob patterson and talyor lauter. I would mostly reccamend this book to teens. If you're a teen i think we can really connect to this book alot more than other people can. Some things that happen to Bella you can be like I'm so clumsy just like her! Another thing is reading this book is it really makes you think do i really like this world and wouldn't it be cool if i could be in it too!

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