Book Review

These have some of my favorite books and I am going to tell you if you should read them and all that kind of stuff. I hope you guys enjoy. :)


1. Twilight Book 1

I love this book so much and if you guys love romance novels than the twilight book and series are for you. If you aren't in to romance then don't worry twilight also has action in it. Twilight also has mythogy in it too. I think i love this book is because it has a little bit of every in it. Stephine Mayer is also a very very talented writter and i just love all her books. I think as an author she is very devoted to her books. In all the twilight movies she was the producer. She is in every step of the way which is another reason i love her work.  I reccomed this book to kids 5th grade and all the way to adults. This book can reace out to everyone. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars as its rating. If your not a big reader its okay. After you read this you will be. I know alot of people say oh the book is to long but once you start it you don't want to put it down. That's how i was the first time i read the book. You just can't put it down!! I hope you guys take my advise and read this book. Its great!! :)

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