The Dragon and The Mockingjay

Eragon and Katniss find themselves thrown together when Dragons rescue her from the 75th Hunger Games. Eragon, depressed from the loss of Brom and his Uncle flees from Alagaesia, and finds himself leading the Rebellion by Katniss' side.

*NOTE: This is after Catching Fire and Eragon, based on the film Eragon and books Hunger Games and Catching Fire.


2. End of Extract (Editted obviously)

I'm thrown backwards, paralysed, useless. But I didn't hit the ground, I didn't smash. But my fingers clasp around Peeta, they grip around the smooth pearl. But I felt something clasping me, I didn't want to look. My eyes were frozen wide, watching feathery bits of matter rain down in front of me, the occasional bit spitting at me.
  I glimpsed up, to the object that is holding me, I don't see a hovercraft. I don't see an machinery of any sort.
  Only a living breathing creature, almost like a giant lizard. It was elegantly beautiful. A long arched neck, blue, clean, almost water like scales. I was so tempted to reach out and stroke the scales, but I kept my hands firmly back. In fear. This creature might be mesmerising, but it could be dangerous. It's eyes have a sense of.... knowledge. It's sapphire eyes sparkled, reflecting hints of Human intelligence.
  I just stared up at the creature, forgetting about Peeta and the explosions below. This felt like a dream. I was flying. Under a pair of wings, the size of a house almost.
  When I look pass the neck, I see something I would have never of guessed. Proud, confident, comfortable, unaware of anything around. A boy...
  I become still in shock, an explosion blasting behind. My eyes strain to capture one last image of beauty to take with me. I find a star.

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