My Last First Kiss ~ A One Direction Fanfiction

Jenn And Abbie go to New York for a One Direction concert and end up meeting the boys. Their lives are changed forever when the boys fall for them.


2. Meeting Harry

Jenn's POV

     After about four hours of shopping and $3000 later, we went back to the hotel. As Abbie was looking for the room key, I heard a scream. I ran towards it with Abbie hot on my heels.

Harry's POV

       I screamed as Niall pushed me out and locked me in the hallway wearing nothing but a towel. Bad idea. The next thing I knew, two beautiful girls came running around the corner, obviously thinking something bad had happened. How sweet of them. By now, I'm blushing like mad. The one with goegeous red hair that flowed down to her shoulders and had a stipe of blue underneath was absolutly breathtaking. She was looking at the grond with a hint of a blush across her cheeks. Then, I realize I hadn't said anything yet. "Hello, loves," is the best I can come up with.

Abbie's POV 

Am I dreaming? Harry freaking Styles said hi to me! I'm trying not to fangirl because I know he hates that. I manage to choke out, "H-hi. W-we h-heard your scream?"

Harry's POV

She was so adorable. Her brown eyes had a hint of pain and sadness in them. I wonder why... "H-hi. W-we h-heard your scream?" made its way into my thoughts. I looked up and saw her curious face. "Oh, um yeah. You see, Niall shoved and locked me out of the room in nothing but a towle" I responded earing a shy glance down from her. "Oh, I see," she said, obviously holding back a laugh. I wonder what she sounds like when she laughs.

Abbie's POV

    Just then, I reaized Jenn's gone. How could she just leave me here with Harry?! Oh, she'll get it later. I asked Harry, "My room is rihgt around the corner, do you want to go get, like a robe on in case the paparazi show up?" He chuckles. God I love that. "Sure, let's go," he said. So, off we went.

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