My Last First Kiss ~ A One Direction Fanfiction

Jenn And Abbie go to New York for a One Direction concert and end up meeting the boys. Their lives are changed forever when the boys fall for them.


4. Getting Ready

Jenn's POV

    I wonder what's taking Abbie so long. When I open the door to go look for her, she's right there. "Holy shit Abbie, you scared me!" I screamed at her. Then, I look down. Her and Harry-freaking-Styles are holding hands. I pull them inside and look at Abbie. "Okay, spill it," I say. "Jenn, meet my um," she said, while taking a glance at Harry, and him nodding as if to say 'Go ahead', "my um, boyfriend, Harry Styles." I was shocked, I don't know what to say. My bestfriend in the whole world is dating Harry Styles. Of all people to fall for her. Its Harry-freaking-Styles. I heard his stomach growl, so I asked him, "Do you want something to eat?" "Sure, how about all of us and the boys go out to a fancy resturaunt that I know, and celebrate," he suggested. How could I turn down dinner with One Direction? "Sounds great, go tell the guys the plan so we can get ready and look our best for tonight," I reply. So, Harry went back to his room to tell the boys and get ready himself. I went to my room and found the perfect dress. It was a Vera Wang strapless red dress that hit about mid-thigh. I grabbed some black 6-inch heels to match, and went to work on my hair and make-up. I curled my hair and bumped it up in the back. I put my make-up on and looked in the mirror. Pleased with my appearence, I went to Abbie's room to see if she needed help.

Abbie's POV

I still can't believe I'm dating THE Harry Styles! I pull on a strapless Vera dress. It was shimmer green and hit me about mid-thigh. It was kind of puffy, but it looked amazing. I grabbed silver heels and a bracelet to match. I curled my hair and braided my bangs back to get them out of my face. Once I did my make-up, I went on a hunt to find earrings and a necklace to match my bracelet. I walked out of the bathroom and there was Jenn, giving me a glare that had 'Spill it' written all over it. I went and told her EVERYTHING that happened after she had left.  

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