Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


8. Leaving

It didn’t take us long before we were parked outside Harry’s and Lou’s apartment. We quickly got our luggage out and hurried into the apartment. I could feel Harry didn’t feel comfortable about this. He’d changed since the paparazzi found us. He didn’t look at me anymore nor did he talk to me. To be honest I was about to freak out. I’d only met Harry yesterday, but this wasn’t him. I could tell. He didn’t feel comfortable as usual and I could tell. Call me crazy, but I know when people are being themselves and when they’re not. And Harry wasn’t.

He went straight to the guestroom where Pernille was supposed to sleep, but suddenly I noticed he dropped my bags in there as well. I felt hurt. I know I wasn’t supposed to because I knew he wouldn’t feel anything about me, even though I was hoping. I was hoping he’d fall in love with me even though it was impossible. I’m not sure if he could feel my disappointment but if he did, he didn’t tell me. He was just being quiet while walking out the room.
“I’ll give you some time to unpack” was the only words leaving his mouth after we entered the car, running from the paparazzi’s. I walked towards the room to start unpacking but I couldn’t open my luggage. I froze. Thoughts about him not wanting me here was in my head. Instead of unpacking I’d wait for Pernille to get home so we could grab our stuff and get out of here. I would never stay a place where I was unwanted. And to be honest, I’d felt this way before. I locked the door and plopped my headphones in my ears. I was lying in bed just mumming the words. I couldn’t wait till Pernille got here.


It’d been two hours and she still hadn’t come home. I was tired of waiting for her and I had to pee. On my way to the bathroom I heard some people talking.
“Harry, you need to let go. Seriously, this isn’t good for you” I heard Louis say. I could feel a lump in my throat.
“No Louis, I know, but I can’t disappoint them. What am I going to say? I only just met her” Harry said and I could hear his frustration. I was getting really pissed although I probably had no right to be.
“Don’t care about them.” Louis said.

I tried to walk pass them in silence but I fell over my own feet and was on the floor in no time.
“Oh, Hi Em, you ok?” Louis said looking worried.
“Uhm, yes I was just on the way to the bathroom. Do you know when Pernille and Dani will be back?” I asked only looking at Louis.
“They’re going to be away all night. I think Dani took her to see some dance thing.” Louis said and I could’ve cried right there. She just left me here? What kind of friend was she?

*Pernille’s point of view*
I was having the time of my life. Dani was the best ever, and she’d been really nice to me! We’d spent the whole day talking and she even took me to practice to show me how professionals do. Tonight we were going to watch a ballet and I was so excited. I’d been watching the swan lake before, but this time it was different. I was going with an amazing dancer, which made everything so much better. I was excited although I did feel a bit down about just leaving Emilie at home. On the other side, she’d probably be just fine with Harry. Seemed like they had something going on, she’ll be just fine.


*Emilie’s point of view*

I could feel my eyes burn. I hurried to the bathroom and closed the door. I finished up and looked at myself in the mirror. Thoughts were running through my head. I wasn’t staying here. I was unwanted and I didn’t want to be in the way. I knew he wanted me out. He didn’t even talk to me before. I was getting out and it couldn’t be fast enough. I banged the door open and ran to the room. The guest room. How stupid was I for even thinking he’d want me to stay in the same room as me? It was ridiculous. I started to pack up my stuff. I sure as hell weren’t going to stay there. Not all alone.





Ok guys, i know it's like really short and crap! But i'm trying to build up some tension! Do you think she'll leave or will someone convince her to stay?

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