Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


6. Insecurities

*Emilie's point of view*

I woke up to people whispering. I guess the movie was over because of all the talking. Harry was playing with my hair. I turned a bit and opened my eyes.

“Morning Em” Pernille said with a smirk on her face. “You look horrible” she said and I glared towards her. I quickly got up and went straight for the bathroom. I was horrified when I looked at myself in the mirror. My god, I did look horrible. I made a face to myself in the mirror and started fixing everything. It didn’t take me long as I was used to the horrible look.

I walked out and they’d put a horror movie on. Pernille made a smirk towards me and I could’ve killed her right there. I hated horror movies. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to be screaming and hiding under a blanket with these guys. That’d be too embarrassing. But Harry took my hand and pulled me to the couch. I cuddled up to him.

“Harry, I hate horror movies. They always give me nightmares” I said and tugged myself closer to him. I could feel he was smiling.

“Don’t worry babe, you can sleep next to me if you wanna” he said and I think my heart stopped beating at that point. I looked up at him.

“Will you please just repeat that bit” I said and bit my lip.

“Yeah, would you like to stay the night?” He said and I looked me in the eyes. I nodded.

“I’ll take care of you Em, don’t worry” he said and held me close.

So this guy basically made me watch a horror movie. Throughout the whole movie I was screaming, hiding under the blankets and cuddling up to Harry. The others were just laughing at me which of course wasn’t funny in any way. Maybe it was, but I didn’t want them to know that it was okay they laughed. I must’ve looked pretty pathetic. Harry was a sweetheart though. He held my hand and tugged me closer every time I was scared. He whispered cute things into my ears every time I was frightened. The movie finished and everybody stretched and began to stand up.

“Pernille, I think you’re gonna sleep either in the same room as Zayn and Niall, or on the couch” El said and smiled politely at her.

“She’s definitely staying in our room” Niall said and pulled her with him and Zayn into the room. We laughed and everyone said their goodbyes. I went to the bathroom to go change. I’d lent some clothes from El. Even though they were really tight I tried pushing myself into them but it didn’t work. I was too big. I sat down and was about to cry. How was I supposed to ask Harry if I could borrow some of his clothes to sleep in? What if they’d be too small too. I was horrified. I believe I was in there for about ten minutes when someone knocked on the door.

“Em are you coming?” I could hear Harry was being nervous for me. How cute. But no, I wasn’t okay really. I was scared. Scared that I’d be too big for his clothes and him thinking I was gross. Because let’s face it, I’m not skinny. I’m not like Pernille, Danielle or Eleanor. I’m just not the way society wants me to look. I have curves. Not where they’re supposed to be, but at my hips and my arms. Sounds strange I know, but I’d like to have boobs and I don’t. If you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t like my body at all.

“Em, open the door or I’m coming in on my own” He said and I quickly got up. I didn’t recognize I wasn’t in anything but my underwear as I opened the door. He’s eyes went up and down my body once and I pulled back.

“Hey, what’s wrong” he said and took my head in his hands. I looked down trying to avoid his eyes.

“Look at me Em, what is it?” He said once more.

“It’s all of me Harry. I’m horrible.” I said and he looked confused at me.

“What?” he said being more and more nervous for what I was about to say.

“I can’t fit into Eleanor’s clothes” I said and looked down once more. He took my head in his hands once more and pulled my head up so I was looking him in the eyes.

“That’s no problem, you can just fit into some of mine” he said and smiled.

“No Harry, I probably won’t even fit into your clothes too” I said and a tear fell down my cheek. Harry was a bit confused.

“Babe, of course you can fit my clothes” He said and pulled me towards the closet.

“I’m way too big for your clothes too Harry” I said and shed another tear.

“You’re not fat love. You can’t fit Eleanor’s clothes? So what? That girl is really skinny.” He said and pulled some shorts and a big t-shirt out of the big closet. As he did that I realized I was only in my underwear. I pulled the clothes to me and covered me up with it before turning around to run to the bathroom, but two hands grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in.

“Em, please don’t ever think you’re not pretty. I think you’re beautiful” He said to me and looked me deep in the eyes.

“But how could you ever think that? I mean every girl you’ve dated has been skinny and really beautiful, and then theres…… this” I told him, teas filled my eyes.

“No one has been as beautiful as you.” He said and something in his voice made me believe him. I pulled on the clothes and he led me to the bed. He pulled me under the covers with him and soon enough we were spooning. To my surprise he wasn’t trying to do anything, we just lay there.
He started mumming and soon enough he was singing. “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we’re told before we get too old show me your guiding that’s bursting into life.”

I was quickly asleep in his strong arms.

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