Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


4. Headache

*Emilies point of view*

I was feeling horrible as i woke up on the bathroom floor. I got up and as i looked at myself in the mirror i was horrified. I never knew i could look so wasted and horrible. I looked like something the cat we didn't have dragged in. Yeah. I walked into the kitchen to look for orange juice. My favorite when i have a hangover. I went to look for Pernille. She was in bed, looking just as horrible as i did. I went to the living room and turned up the music. She came out and sent me a look before going back to bed. I ran in and screamed all that i could. I know she hates me sometimes, and this is what friends are for.


"Pernille, we're going out today remember?" i said, and jumped on top of her in the bed. She frowned.

"I'd rather stay in bed all day" she said and pulled the blanket over her head.

"We're going to meet up with Danielle and Eleanor, remember?" i said and suddenly she shot up.

"Hey watch it!" i said and started laughing. Orange juice was now all over her covers and i couldn't stop laugh. Still drunk? Yeah probably!

"It's so not funny." she said and took it out of my hand and drank some.

"I'm heading to the shower grumpy, you can go after" i told her and headed towards the bathroom. I had to open a window because the smell was unbearable. It was so nice to have the water running down my body washing everything from yesterday off.

We were both finished and was now sitting eating. Pernille made us brunch, even though we couldn't eat much, we had to as we were going to spend the entire day walking around. [polyvore] My outfit was casual as usually, and my hair worked for my benefit today. I did absolutely nothing about it and was surprised by it's fall. I only put some mascara on as more would be a waste. I looked at myself in the mirror and was actually surprised. I looked kind of pretty i guess.
Pernilles outfit was [polyvore] so pretty! She reminded me a bit of Louis Tomlinson but i didn't tell. I think she knew. We finished eating and headed out. It was a quite sunny day but it was far from warm. It was a bit chilly as we waited for the girls next to Big Ben.Literately


# Hi El, we're here now, where're you ? x

#Hey Em, sorry, i got held up and so did Dani. Meet me at this adresse .... xx

# Oh okay, we're on our way! xx

So we jumped on the buss and drove to the adress Eleanor told us. It was a nice house, not big or small, just normal. We knocked on the door and El opened.

"Hi girls, come on in" she said and welcomed us to her house. It was so beautiful.

"Is this yours?" i said smiling to her.

"Yup, my very own" she said proud and i hugged her hallo.

"So how come we didn't meet up at Big Ben?" i asked kind of curious. I wanted to know what held her up.

"I'm so sorry, Louis wouldn't let me go out today, he wanted to come by later." she said and i froze. Come by? No way i was going to be there.

"Uhm Emilie, can i talk to you for a minute?" El said and i nodded seeing Pernille heading for the living room where Danielle was sitting.

"I was thinking... Do you have a boyfriend back home?" El started and i shook my head.

"No i don't, i'm not really the kind of girl boys fall in love with" i said and smiled to her as politely as possible without her seeing the hurt in my eyes.

"I was just thinking... You know Harry Styles right?" She said and i froze again only nodding. She continued. "Louis and i was thinking about hooking the two of you up?" she said and gave me a big smile.
WHAT? Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson wanted to hook me up with Harry Edward Styles? When i was looking like this? No way i was meeting him while being this fat!


"Girl calm down, you're not fat" El said and took my hand. I'd been thinking out loud. Damn it.

"But El, he'll just be disappointed! I'm sure he will!" I said beginning to shake.

"Em, trust me, he won't! I'm sure you guys will be so cute together!" she said and brought me in for a big warm hug. I always felt so safe with her, even though we just met. She was so amazing.

"You've just met me and you want to hook me up with Harry?" i said looking confused at her.

"Yes, and i tell you, I'm sure you guys will fit just perfectly! Danielle and I came to sit with you yesterday at Starbucks just to see what kind of persons you both are. Your looks were perfect for him, so i wanted to get to know you. And you know what? I really like you girl!" she said and hugged me again.

"Thank you so much El! You have no idea how happy i am about this! Can't believe Louis would trust me with Harry though, as he doesn't know me!" i said, scared of meeting my crush. Harry Styles.

"He trusts me, and i told him you would be good for him" she said and smiled.

We decided to go to the living room to Pernille and Dani who was dancing around. El and i stopped and stared on the two girls goofing around. Pernille was actually a really good dancer and she learned quickly. El smiled at me.


"So what's your hidden talent?" she said.

"She can sing!" Pernille yelled between her deep breaths trying not to pass out right there on the floor. She couldn't really keep up with Danielle, but no one really expected her to. I laughed at her and then sent her a look telling her to shut up.

"Oh really?" El said and smiled at me not noticing the look i gave my friend.

"Sing for us please" Dani said pausing the music. "We can find an instrumental version of a song and you can sing?" she said and sat down by the computer.

"Make her sing 'Tough Lover' the Christina Aguilera version!" Pernille said once again and i swear i could've killed her right there.
Danielle found the instumental version and i began..

*Eleanors point of view*

"I need a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah" she began and my mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe what i was hearing. How could someone so sweet and innocent sound so hardcore? I didn't get it.


"When he kisses me, i get that thrill, when he does the wrinkle i wont stand still" she continued and i could hear the door open. She didn't notice and continued her amazing performance. But it changed from being between the four of us till suddenly being for 8 persons. I watched Louis as he entered the room with Harry.
I just nodded to confirm that this was the girl i wanted him to get to know. Louis smiled at me and winked to tell me i did a great job finding her.

*Emilies point of view*
When the song was finished i looked around the room. Suddenly we wasn't just the four of us. Instead there were 5 new faces. Faces i already knew from my posters, the videos, the television, my computer and stuff like that. They were all starring at me with open mouths.
I looked at Eleanor who came running to me hugging me.


"THAT WAS JUST UNBELIEVABLE" she screamed so loud my ear was about to drop off. I just laughed a bit awkward, and suddenly i was starring right into those two green eyes. The eyes i already knew. First of all because they had the exact same color as mine. And i knew them from the posters. The most amazing eyes i've ever seen. He was here, he'd heard me sing and he was here....


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