Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


7. Day in

I was woken up by someone playing with my hair. I slowly opened my eyes to look around. Suddenly it all hit me. I was in his bed, next to him, he played with my hair. I smiled to myself and turned around to face him.

“Morning beautiful” he said and smiled. I could’ve died right there.

“Morning handsome” I said back at him.

“What was it all about last night?” he asked and my body stiffened. I didn’t want to talk about it. I wasn’t ready. Not yet.

“It was nothing.” I said and looked away.

“Hm, just know that if you ever want to talk about it I’m here. Ok?” he said and smiled. I just nodded and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I hadn’t slept that good in a very long time. I usually never sleep the whole night through the first couple of times I sleep over at boy’s houses, but this night I slept like a baby. The thing with Harry was that I felt so safe being around him. It was an unknown feeling to me, and I needed to be less of a fangirl around him. But seriously, who wouldn’t, if you suddenly end up sleeping next to your huge celebrity crush?
I finished my shower and went back into the room in nothing but my underwear covered by my blanket just to find that my clothes were gone.


“Harry Edward Styles, where’s my clothes? I said facing him.

“What clothes?” he said and I smacked his arm. “Oh that clothes” he said and smiled at me.

“Yes, the clothes I wore yesterday” I said. “I can’t go out like this you know?”

“You’re not going out? You’re staying here with me!” he said and walked towards me. My body stiffened.

“oh am I really? I’ve got plans with Pernille today Harry.” I said.

“Yeah about that, you don’t actually. She’s going out with Danielle today.”

“Oh, no she isn’t! We were supposed to go out today, shopping and stuff” I said feeling slightly disappointed that my friend just left me for another one.

“I told her to go. I wanted to spend the day with you, as I have a concert tonight” He said. I could feel the butterflies flying around in my stomach and I couldn’t help but smile. Wasn’t he just adorable? I mean, cancelling my appointment with my friend to spend the day with me? No he was actually being real stupid, but for some kind of reason I liked it. I liked him. I think.

“So what do you want to do?” I said and poked his cheek.

“Let’s just stay home and chill?”

“No way, I’m in London! And I haven’t even been to Nandos yet!”  I said looking sad.

“Ok babe, I’ll take you there. Let’s just go to your hotel first and grab you some clothes before going.” He said and we ran to his car. No paparazzi today, which was kind of a surprise to me. I thought they’d follow him around everywhere. I probably won’t be used to them driving in the ‘wrong’ side of the road, but I’m trying. Luckily Harry was the one driving and soon enough we were at my hotel. We ran inside and up to my room. Or should I say Pernilles and mine.

As we walked in to the hotel room Harry couldn’t stop laughing.

“What?” I spit at him.

“Nothing love, but are you seriously staying here?” He said though his laughs.

“Well yes, not all of us are international popstars with a lot of money you know?” I spit back at him.

“Ok it’s sorted then, you guys are going to stay with me and Louis.” He said and my mouth dropped open.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea Harry? I mean, fans and paparazzi will ask questions and stuff” I said. I was worried. Because even though I knew we only would be friends and nothing more, but I wouldn’t want all the attention anyway. And it would be so weird for him telling them we’re only friends. Honestly I would probably want to be more than just friends. I really like this guy. And not just for him being in One Direction.

“Em, go pack yours and Pernilles stuff.” He said.

“Will you please help me Harry?” I begged using the puppy-eyes.

“Sure, what do you want me to do?” He said and we both started cleaning and getting the things together.

We had a lot of fun packing everything. He was the funnies guy I’d ever met and he was really sweet. He was such a huge help. He carried the bags down to the car while I was going to check out of the hotel.
It wasn’t really a problem checking out, even though they charged us for another night, but seriously, who cares when you get to stay at Harry’s house? Sorry, fangirling again.

I went outside to a flash of paparazzi’s and at that moment I was scared. I searched through the crowd to see if you could find Harry, but he was gone. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pulled me along. I looked up to see his sunglasses and his curly hair. He didn’t abandon me after all! We quickly ran to the car and closed the doors as the paparazzi followed us. I could imagine tomorrows headlines.


Who’s Harry’s mysterious girl?

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