Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


3. Clubbing

*Pernilles point of view*

I was so excited for tonight! Emilie and I had the best first day at Starbucks with Danielle and Eleanor. They were such sweethearts and i felt like this could be the start of an amazing friendship between the four of us! I loved hanging out with Emilie. She's like my sister. Once she came to my house while i was asleep, talked to my dad, came to my room and woke me up, then kidnapped me to her house for a sleepover. We have so much fun when we're together, and i love her even though she's totally obsessed with One Direction. I mean, they bring a smile to my face when i'm down, but i'd never be as crazy as she is. Lol i love her though.


Emilie was in the shower as always taking waaaay to long. How could she be so long about showering? I mean, get your hair wet, shampoo, wash it out and out of the shower. But then again, she was really trying. Sometimes i feel really bad for her. She's been through some stuff. She's told me so much about her past, and it's no wonder she doesn't have a lot of self esteem even though she's beautiful. I mean, since when did curves become ugly? She may not be really skinny, but she's so beautiful.
I was going to make this night special for the both of us, so while Emilie was showering i was finding our outfits. Usually she's so stubborn and hates going out, because she has to wear nice clothes. She always get's so frustrated and are on the edge to tears trying on clothes. So this time i chose!

"Pernille what do you think you're doing?" She said and stared at me covering her body behind the towel.


"I'm picking your outfit, and i don't want to hear a word about it!" i said a bit harsh, but my gosh, she's so hard to control sometimes.

"But.." she complained but i beat her to it.

"I don't wanna hear a word Mille, you're wearing this or going naked" i said and we started laughing. We have this weird relationship and i love it!

I went to the shower while Emilie changed into her outfit.

*Emilies point of view*

I felt so stupid in my outfit. [polyvore] I wasn't really the type of girl who wore dresses. But since Pernille was in such a great mood, and forced me to wear it, i didn't really have a option. She was determent on me wearing it. I was doing my makeup and hair and soon i was finished. Pernille came out from the shower and her mouth formed as an O. I just looked awkwardly on her, wishing me away. She kept starring.


"OMG Emilie, you look so beautiful!!" she screamed and ran in to hug me. Even though she doesn't like to have to much contact, she hugs when she get's excited.

"You're a mad woman did you know that?" i said teasing her, and she just nodded as a response before pulling into her outfit. [polyvore]
To me she was absolutely beautiful. I've always been jealous of her. She has the perfect figure, height and she's so lovable. I mean, how can people not love her? I'm more like a huge elephant with too much fat on my body.

We were so ready to go party! We went to the first club we spotted and ordered drinks. We were just chatting until we got bored of the drinks and ordered shots. Now the party had officially begun. I could feel the alcohol take over my body. We were laughing our asses off, as "Moves Like Jagger" came on, and i pulled in Pernille to get her to go with me to dance. It's fun how she's always ready for anything when she's drunk, but once she's sober, she holds herself back. She's actually brilliant at dancing!
I felt so free dancing around with her. We were laughing, shaking booties and just having a blast. I suddenly felt two strong hands on my waist, and i turned around to take a look at the stranger. He was pretty handsome, i think.. You can never be sure with alcohol in your blood. I'm serious. Well i smiled at him before looking at Pernille to be sure she was okay. As she was busy dancing with another cute guy, i started dancing with my hottie. He was cute, not the kind of guy i'd usually go out with. He was tall and blonde. Like i said, cute. And kind of sexy. We started getting really close, with his hands hard on my hips. Suddenly he took my hand and pulled me by the hand to the bar.

"Six shots" he said to the bartender and i watched him with huge eyes. "Yeah babe, we need some more" he said and winked at me. My gosh, if i wasn't this drunk, then i'd seriously say i'm in love. But of course i'm not.


"Here you go babe" he said and handed me the three of them.

"Skååååål" i said and he laughed at me.

"What language is that? And what the heck were you just saying?" he said curiously.

"It's danish silly, and i said CHEEEEERS" i yelled at him and he laughed even more.

"Hey no fun here" i said trying to be serious but i cracked up with him.

I was looking around for Pernille, and found her in a corner making out with a guy. I decided to leave her and went to the bathroom because when you drink.... you're gonna pee. That's just how it is. On my way out from the hallway back into the club two big hands grabbed my waist and pulled me close. There he was one more time, looking more handsome than ever. He was beautiful. At least tonight. I wasn't really sure i'd be able to remember him in the morning, but screw it, he was wonderful. He pulled me close to him and i ran my hands down his chest. I look up and he smiled at me leaning in. I leaned as well and suddenly our lips crashed together. It was nice. Not really any sparkles but it was good. Better than i'd imagined. His tongue was on my lips begging for entrance and i let him. I was all into him that night, but we didn't do anything but kiss.

Starships by Nicki Minaj was now playing and i pulled away from him, smiling and pulled him to the dance floor. We were having an amazing time dancing around like goofs. I sang along and he looked surprised at me.
"You have a great voice, you know that right?" he said and pulled me in for a kiss.
"Nah, i really don't" i said and kissed him back. We went to get some more shots and suddenly everything was going crazy. I was so dizzy and i had to find Pernille and go home. Now. He helped me find her and as we entered the apartment i rushed to the bathroom. The drinks didn't want to stay in my stomach. Nope, i spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, head in the toilet.

As i lay on the bathroom floor waiting for my sickness to pass i thought about him. I didn't even get the chance to catch his name, who he was or even his number. I really screwed up, because he was so sweet. Or maybe he was just trying to get in my pants? I didn't really know, and i had no chance of ever finding out..




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