Unexpected *Harry Styles love story*

Emilie is 19 years old and live in Denmark. She's going on vacation which turns out to change her life forever.

"No Harry, i'm not sure i can do this anymore" I scream at him. I'm done with this.
"But Em, you can't just turn your back on this" he scream back and i break down. This wasn't how love was supposed to be.


1. Arrival

*Emilie's point of view*

"Emilie wake up, you're in a hurry" my mom screams from the livingroom. I pull the blanket over my head and sigh. But then i remember. Today is the day. Today i'm leaving for my vacation in London. I couldn't be more excited! I haven't been sleeping all night which is why i'm so tired. I jump out of bed and pull on some laid back clothes. I pull my hair up in a messy bun the way i always do. I'm not really into all the 'dressing up'. i'm more the laid back kind of girl. I slowly walk out in the kitchen and put some water over for tea.


"Emilie, aren't you just excited?" AnnaTamara says, takes my hand and jumps around with me. We laugh and scream a bit. We have such a good relationship. She's my stepsister and is 16 years old. We talk about almost everything. We make tea and breakfast and goes to my room so i can finish up my packing.

"So what are you guys going to do?" AT says at me, excitement in her eyes.

"I guess we're going clubbing as much as possible! And this girl Meg said she'd show me around Holmes Chapel." i say and smile with the thought.

"Emilie, you're such a stalker you know that right?" she says and we both laugh. Did i forget to tell you how much i love One Direction? Well i do, and my crush is Harry! Liam was actually the first one to catch my eyes, but since he had a girlfriend i left it with that in pure respect for them. I really don't get people hating on their girlfriends or wishing for them they'd break up. Harry on the other hand was single. And i was totallly lost in him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and i ran out to open it. Pernille was in the doorway with her luggage. I gave her a big hug, although i know she hates being close to people. She's doesn't really like that kind of contact with others, but screw it. We were going to bloody London!
Pernille and AT helped me pack the rest and soon my stepdad was driving us to the airport. I was so excited to see England and London for the first time. Pernille has been there before, but this time would be special!

We got on the plane and was waiting for set off. We were both really tired so i plugged in my headphones and Taylor Swift's "We are never ever getting back together" started playing. The good thing about Pernille is, that we don't always have to talk to feel comfortable together. She's the kind of friend i always know i'll have. We've spend a great amount of time together since high school and i owe her so much. She was one of the people helping me though the hard times there.

I've always been an insecure girl. I don't have much confidence and though my whole life i've been slightly overweight. I've finally lost some weight, but there's still some way to go. My insecurities has always been in the way for my relationships. There's only one boy i truly loved and he dumped me for another. Since that i've been with a few boys but nothing serious.

"Emilie, we're here!" Pernille said shaking me. I took my headphones out and noticed the empty airplane. What had i been doing the entire time?
"We're freaking here" i screamed and we both laughed and got up. It was a nice weather in Heathrow and we went to get our baggage. I could just feel this vacation was going to be the best.

We went outside and i could feel the sun on my face. I smiled and took Pernille by the arm as we went to grap a cap. We'd rented an apartnemt for the week and wanted to go as soon as possible so we could get the best out of our vacation.
We turned around at the noice of screaming girls. They were gathering around the entrance to the airport and soon we were trapped in the group of screaming girls. We were hanging to each other as well as our baggage to be sure we wouldn't lose any. Suddenly i saw a group of four boys making their way through us. I was terrified. This wasn't supposed to happen. Here i stood in my shorts, a top, a pullover, dirty converse and my hair in a messy bun. No this was not prepared for this. Not at all. They went past us, and one pair of eyes was suddenly looking straight into mine. They were perfectly green and i couldn't do anything else than look to the ground. I smiled to myself and as i looked up, he was smiling at me. Then he was pushed forward and into a big truck.
Great, just great, i just missed my tiny chance of ever being able to be someone special to him.

Pernille pulled me out of there and we finally grapped a cap and went to the apartment. I was beautiful, just like i've imagined with two big bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a cozy living room. There were a huge hottup and i couldn't wait to spend the next week in this beautiful apartment with my amazing friend.

This vacation was going to be great!


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