Our Love

Romance.. <3


18. Talking.

Bryanna's P.O.V

Well, The only Reason me and Zayn went to the Bord walk to Talk but Abby texted Me and asking to meet up, so I Wasnt just going to say no. We mmeet up at The Pizza place the only reason i knew the were there was because i heard Niall yeall, "PIZZZZZZA!" He's so cute, Abby is a lucky Girl.

"Ello, there Love." Niall said as me and Zayn approached.

"Hi Niall, and Abby Doo." Zayn Said  as he Hugged Niall and Abby but grabbed Niall's butt while hugging, Bromance.Abby didnt know about the whole louis and Kayla Thing, i had to expalin it too her. Honestly me and Zayn think he just wanted some but you know we might be wrong, me and Louis still have to get ZAyn back from the car ride to the Funeral , I texted him to hang later and i recieved a yeah, at the house. Welp, i got plans booked for all day! Me And the Girls are going to go Pick out out Dresses for the wedding, and Zayn is going to get his tux, with the boys, i still can't believe the whole fact im getting engaged.


Abby's p.O.V

Zayn hugged me and Niall but grabbed his butt, what a bromance going on, haha. Well i didnt hear about the whole Louis and the baby thing until Bryanna told me, I just can't believe it. Well Bryanna had to go meet up wiht Louis and Zayn is still wiht Us, but i have to leave soon , same as them to go get stuff for the Wedding.

Louis's P.O.V

Bryanna texted me to get revenge on Zayn wiht his hair , put all of his Hair stuff in the Trash but, in Bryanna's Room! Then she wanted to talk to me about kayla, i told everything i needed to same some of the stuff she didnt agree wiht but you know oppinions oppinions. I don't Like Kayla, HArry Does.



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