Our Love

Romance.. <3


3. Ready, Set, One Direction

Bryanna's P.O.V:

They Come over and Kayla is in her One Direction Shirt and some jeans and black Converse, Abby has on her White i <3 u sweater with a pair of capris and her pink sparkley toms. i have on my Pink and blue sweater the says Believe and my skinny pants i roll up a little above my ankels and my blue sparkley Vans. Abbys Mom toke up to the Concert because my mom became Sick. -___-


Abby's P.O.V

"Hey, what if they pull us up one stage and sing to us."

"dout it." Bryanna Replied,

We get there and we have 2nd row tickets. and they pulled Bryanna on stage and Sang Happy Birthday to her. How did thye know it was her birthday.?  My mom winked at me and i knew her mom planned it. <3

Bryanna's P.O.V

we were on our row and all of a suppen i see paul tugging on my shirt pushed me on stage . One Direction Comes out and Sings Happy Birthday to me. I look at Abby and Kayla , Abby mouths to me Your mom.  i love her. All the Boys Give me a Kiss on the cheak and and hug me The Concert is over and Paul makes Me, Abby , Kayla, and Abby's mom Ashley Say afte rto meets the Boys.


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