Our Love

Romance.. <3


2. Morning.

Bryanna's P.O.V :

I wake up to the most annyoing beeping noise, my alarm. I slamm my hand on the snooze and get up and put on a pair  of PINK victoria secert yoga pants and a PINK victoria secert White and black stripped shirt and my neon pink vans. i check my phone to see a text that says you comming? from my walking partner Taylor. I Grab my spiderman backpack and head out the door. I decide to text Taylor back saying just left. I arrive at Taylor's and notice her wiht her baby sister Amyia. i stop and say hi. and we start walking to school. i get a text from my best friend David say good morning gorgeous. (: text him back saying good morning at school gtg. <3 we dont date or even like each other. but well his my brother, lol well taylor ditched me to go to class. oh well. i arrive to my 1st period class i sit behind Baily. we write notes to eachother, all day lol. i hate school. but dang its already time to go to practice. After Volleyball practtice i get an email bout one direction's Concert. and i get home to see my beautiful mother with 4 One Direction Tickets. I call Abby and Kayla  to ask them if they wanna to go. <3


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