Our Love

Romance.. <3


10. In love but not with youu

Hazza's P.O.V

ME and Kayla we our bathing suits on im taking her to the beach. to talk. i think im inlove, but not wiht her. Kayla Walks into the room and gets her bag and we walk out the door and in to my lambo.

"Kayla, i think im inlove."

"awwwhhh; really?"

"Yeah but not with you."

She looked shoxked. i saw her eyes tear up.

"with who ?"


She runs home Crying,


 Zayn's P.O.V

I see KAyla Running In the door . i grabb her and askk her if she is okaay. she looks and me and whispaers Hazza then kisses me. i pull away, and let go, and walk away to Bryanna,

Bryanna's P.O.V

ZAyn walked in a told me Kayla Kissed him.. Im so ferious, i wlk to Kayla and Yell at her.. and she tells me about Hazza. Me and Zayn are the only Relationship. oh Wait, i get a text from abby saying, "Me and Liam.. ,<3" i reply "awwwhl c:" Me and Zayn havent broken up yet. <3 thank the lord,

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