Our Love

Romance.. <3


13. Home.

Zayn's P.O.V

Me and Bryanna Are getting Pretty Serious. i think imma pop the question. Not soon but you know in the next Year or so.. Its already been 3 years. <3 i love her wiht all my heart.. well me and her are going out wiht the boys and girls tonight on the roof top for a little gathering.

i Put on my Green nikes some skinnies and my green and blue plaid shirt,


Bryanna's P.O.V

 All of us are going out tonight i have on my Blue and Pink Sweater that says Believe , some shorts and my Pink Vans.

Abby has on her Zebra belly shirt wiht a pink tank stop underneath and a pair of shorts wiht Kaylas white sandals

Kayla Is Wearing her Purple Tank with some shorts and her white vans,


Niall's P.O.V

Abby looks so cute, Imms Match im Wearing my White t shrt and jeans and my white converse


Harry's P.O.V

IM wearing my speedos tonight!.(:

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