Our Love

Romance.. <3


15. Funeral.

Bryanna's P.O.V

Everyone is all bummed and Zayn is all hyper in the corner of the car, like wth zayn.

"Zayn, you okay?" I questioned

"Yeah, im cool." he said as drinking his energy juice. Of course.

Well, we are like 15 minutes from the funeral, 15 minutes of Zayn Jumping around and laughing about nothing, oh great. All he talks about is his hair, I look at Lou, and he texts me and i knew exactly what it was going to say, Pay Back, Zayn, pay Back.

We finally arrived at the funeral and we are the last ones there of course, im always late, I was even late 5 years ago to my own birthday party. Well, we sit in our  sits, Zayn winked at me as I looked at him when they told me to come up and talk.

"Well, My mom ,wasn't just my mom she was my best friend, we argued alot but i loved her. loved? What am I talking about i love her. I think about how I wasnt there for her when  she needed me most, but I was with the most amazing people I could be with," I said as I start to tear up, All I have to is look at Zayn and he smiles and helps me stay calm. "My mom was gorgeous, she taught me everything i know today, She was a strong Woman, knowing that my Brother and Sister died in a plane crash to see her 6 years ago and now she was so sick she was losing her life."

I start balling and walk away to Zayn and wraps his Arms around me as I lay my head on his sholder and he lays a gentle kiss on the tip top if my head,

Zayn's P.O.V

Its so Hard to See Bryanna like that, he is beautiful either way but i know my Suprise is going to brighten up everthing.

Well everyone is done talking and Bryanna wants to stop by the casket to see her mom.Truely She was Beautiful.

"Perfect for Harry." I chuckle. She giggles, i hear it softly drigting away as she stares at her mom. Its Just Heart Breaking. I think Bryanna Is Ready to head Home.We all head for the Limo, bryanna Cuddles next to me as Well as Kayla does with Harry and Abby does with Niall. Bryanna is Slowy drifting off to sleep.

Niall's P.O.V

Abby is Snuggled next to me, and Im hungry so I make the desicion to get Nandos. We all order what we want but Harry and Kayla staied in the car who knows what could be going on in there. We all hurry and get back in the car Because Zayn cant stop talking about his suprise he has.

We pull up to the House and Zayn is already out the van and in the house and we all walk in thehouse to see zayn...

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