Our Love

Romance.. <3


5. dates. <3

Kayla's P.O.V

i just got Harry's number. So i decided to text him "Hey Harry its kayla <3"

*buzzzzzz* i look at my phone to see a message from Hazza. "Date tonight?"

"duhh, pick me up around 8?"


Bryanna's P.O.V

i called Zayn and he asked me on a date with Kayla and HArry. of course i said yes he said he'll be here with harry and Niall aroouund 8.

I Put on my Poofy, Sparkley purple Short dress, and my black stiletos.

and i see KAyla has on a pair of white sandles and a red flowy dress

Abby is wearing her black heels and a Blue poofy short dress.

Zayn P.O.V

I think  im going to ask her to stay the night with me tonight, ?

We are at Her house. and we knock on the door adn see Bryanna stand in the door way.

"Wow Your Stunning," and wrap my arms aaaround her body. and a gentle kiss on the forhead.

*blushes* "thanks." and she kisses my lips. ;D

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