Our Love

Romance.. <3


16. Big Secert!

Bryanna's P.O.V 

I was the first to walk in and I see Zayn on one knee and a ring in his hand, My Jaw drops and He asked me to marry him. "Yes!" I run up to Zayn and he Catches me as I Kiss Him with a passion. i Can't Believe it, i'm Engaged To Zayn Malik, member of One Direction. <3

Abby's P.O.V

Zayn asked Bryanna to Marriage and asked me to be the brides maid but I havent told her My secert. I walk up to Liam and Asked him to talk alone,

"Liam, i have to tell you something." I said as I start to tear up

"Abby, what is it?"

"I have Cancer." I said as I see a tear run down Liams Cheek. I Lean in for a hug, I Hold him tight as he leases and we both walk out. and we tell eveyone to come to the living room,

"I have to tell you guys something, I have........ Cancer." I see Bryanna Curling up wiht Zayn Crying, Everyong tears up and its About time to go to sleep so everyone and giving me hugs and going to bed.

Louis's P.O.V

I think I like Kayla, so i start to flirt and get her into my Room, and we end up with a pregnacy test. and its Positive. baby on the way. (:

Harry's P.O.V

Louis and Kayla went in his room ad Never came out. I walking in and see them, Never mind,. I walk off. and go to bed ill talk about this in the morning.






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