Our Love

Romance.. <3


17. Baby Coming.

Bryanna's P.O.V

Kayla Comes in my room early this morning telling me she is pregnant, so i have her come down stairs and talk about whose the baby daddy. She Said Louis is the man. WTH!

Kayla is back up stairs and now Harry is coming down and i tell him everything that happened wiht Kayla and Lou Last night , He said he knows i guess lou told him, But Harry is i think flirting with me, i try to go get out of there and get to Zayn, i tell him everything and He wants us to go to the Borad Walk. We got dressed in comfy clothes and head out, we talk about us and how we want a baby, i told him about harry this morning he didnt bother to care, i guess he thinks its harry being Harry.

Harry's P.O.V

I Honestly never liked Kayla i've always liked Bryanna, just her voice and her names brightens up any mood! I can't get her off my mind. all i can think is man , she isnt mine, Louis Stops by my room and I just walk up and Say Hey, it doesnt bother me that she doesnt like me or had a baby wiht Louis But you Know, i can't Believe Louis Started it and Did that too me. Me and Liam head out to the Malll for the Day. Niall and Abby meet up with Bryanna and Zayn on the Borad walk. and Louis and Kayla are obviously at the house. Mall here I come.

Kayla's P.O.V

Me and Lou are getting ready to go out on a nice peaceful walk, and picnic I have on my flowy sun dress, i like the breeze, and my white sandals, Louis has one some stripes. of course, i see a spider on the way out the door and almost peed all over the floor.Louis killed it for me, what a gentalmen.

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