Our Love

Romance.. <3


1. About Me

Hi. Im Bryanna. Im Very energetic. Im very friendly and love cuddling. My Best friend is Andrea but She doesnt like One Direction. But i do have Abby and Kayla who are my super close friends that LOOOOVE One Direction. Im Not the Most Poupular girl in schoool. But i do get made fun off because of my height but you know stuff happens. i love my life and no one can ruin it. Abby isnt popukar eaither i have  known her Sence the 1st day of 1st Grade. but i moved and she did too. but we still hang out all the time. Kayla Lives By me but we dont hang out alot. She is abby's cousin. but well imma get outt here and let  you read to story. (:

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