Torn Through the Middle

"Stay away from her. She's my sister, I love her. Just, stay away from her." He walked out, and slammed the door. I ran my fingers through my hair. I thought about Jaine for a while. She was torn through the middle.


2. X Factor

It's been a couple of years since my dad and Zayn's mum got married. I learned alot about Zayn: he's half Muslim, and he has a HELL of a good voice. Damn, he's the total package.

We all got into the plane. Zayn was going to audition for The X Factor, some kind of talent show. We both watch it a lot. We had to go all the way to London for his audition. He better do good, I missed school for this.

We went to the hotel, and got ready for Zayn's audition. I dressed him up, got me dressed, and did hair and makeup.

We got in line to sign up. The line was huge. There were so many talented people here. Zayn was 16, same as me, and there were many people who looked much older than he was. Zayn had his hands in his pockets, and he was biting his lip nervously. He was going to sing in front of thousands of people, even in front of Simon Cowell.

We waited several hours to sign up, and after Zayn did, we got inside. " Take Zayn backstage, Jaine. We'll be in the audience." said Patricia, and then kissed me and Zayn's cheeks. " Good luck." Zayn and I walked to the backstage area.

I looked up at him. " You nervous?" Zayn looked down at me. " No, I'm not." he said sarcastically. I punched his arm. " Don't you go all sarcastic on me, mister." He giggled. " Yes ma'am"

It was almost Zayn's turn. He was  next. " Don't be nervous, Zayn. Just focus, and do your thing. I know you can do it." I said, smiling. After the previous contestant walked back, it was Zayn's turn. "Get em' Zayn." He smiled  at me and started walking on stage. I started twiddling with my fingers as he introduced himself to the judges. He started to sing So Sick by Ne-Yo. In the middle of the song, a cute, blonde boy walked up to me. " He's pretty good. You know him?" He said in a thick Irish accent. "He's my brother." I said, not looking at him. " I'm Niall. Uh, Horan." I finally looked up at him. He had artificial blonde hair with little hints of brown, and had a plaid button up shirt on. His front teeth were a little crooked, which made him a little bit cuter. " I'm Jaine." He looked back at someone who was calling his name. " See you around?" he said.  " Okay." He gave me a quick hug, long enough for me to smell his cologne, which smelled good and musky.

I came back to watching Zayn. He finished preforming, and the judges were talking to him. Before I knew it, I heard 3 " Yes"s. I felt happiness, excitedness, and relief. He walked back off stage. He gave me a huge up, lifting me up. He put me down, and looked down to me. "I  guess people think I'm a good singer." He put his arm around me waist. "Told you."

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