You, Me, and Him

getting pregnant on accident when your 15 and being told by the dad that his possible career is more important than a person is pretty harsh, but when Lia Hayes gets a job that has her reunite with the father two years later, thats even worse. This is her story


8. ...................................................................

Almost two hours later when I finally got out of my room from the shower, I found Karin fast asleep in the middle of her dolls. I gently scoop her up and set her down in her bed, pulling her purple duvet up over her waist, her short hair falls over her shoulder. She looks like a little angel, sleeping there. I go to the door and turn around slowly, getting one long look at her before quietly closing the door. I stand behind the door with my hand resting on the door. A few seconds later I go to my room and fall asleep a few minutes after my head hit the pillow.

~The next day~

After a good nights sleep I felt a hundred times better, but just to be able to think clearly, I decided to drop Karin at Karen's place and take a jog around the park a few blocks away. I put on my spandex, a purple sports bra, and running shoes before taking Karin to the car and driving to Karen's.

"Hey, haven't seen you in a couple days girly. What's up?" she asks opening the door and taking in my jogging outfit. "You only jog when somethings on your mind."

"Just some work problems is all."

"Work problems! Your kidding me right.Your 'work' is dating Harry Styles."

"Oh god that sounds weird when you say it like that!"

"Well whatever it is, I'm here for ya girlfriend."

"I know Kar, thanks. Could you keep her for the night maybe?"

"Yeah sure, why?"

"I've got a date."



"Ooooh, does somebody have a crush on her job??"

I stick my tongue out at her before leaving. I blast the radio on the way to the park and then get out and stretch. After a few stretches I start to go on the trail, only me and my thoughts. Should I stay with Harry? Should I quit the job? Should I tell the boys that it's a job that I'm not really with Harry? What should I do?

"Ah!" I let out a little yelp when I run head first into someone. "I am SO sorry!"

"It's okay Lia, its only me Niall."

"Oh, hey Niall."

"You okay, you seem lost in space."

"Oh I was just thinking."

"What about. It had to have been pretty serious."

" Harry and Louis' fight."

"Oh yeah, that. They aren't speaking to each other right now."

"And its all my fault," I start to cry, Niall leads me over to a bench and sits me down, before long I tell him the whole story.

"Niall, me and Harry aren't really dating. It's my job. I'm supposed to 'date' him to save your guys' image since the fans don't like the whole older woman thing. Then I met Louis. He made everything complicated. I never wanted to see him again because if I did I knew that I'd do something irrational. Then him and Harry had the fight. I can't figure out whether I should leave, tell everyone its a fake, or just plain quit."

"Wow. That's tough. If I were you though, I'd stay give it another chance. If something else happens between Louis and Harry then tell about the job, and if that doesn't then, I guess the only thing you could do is quit. Please don't leave yet though."

I can't tell those blue puppy dog eyes no, "Okay Niall. I'll stay. Thank you." I stand up and give him a big hug.

"You okay now?"

"I think so."

"Where's your car?"

"About a half a mile back."

"I'll take you there."

On the walk back to my car we push each other around, joking, telling stories, and all around having a fine good time.

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