You, Me, and Him

getting pregnant on accident when your 15 and being told by the dad that his possible career is more important than a person is pretty harsh, but when Lia Hayes gets a job that has her reunite with the father two years later, thats even worse. This is her story


2. Meeting Harry

At 5:53 I pull into the parking lot of the Grande Del Mar. Well, its better to be early than late. Judging by the throngs of paparazzi and screaming girls outside, I'm guessing that Styles has already arrived. I push through the mob of people and get into the restaurant, thankfully with out losing my stilettos or purse. 

"Good evening Miss, do you have a reservation?"

"Yes, Higgins."

"Ahh, right this way please."

The waiter leads me through the restaurant to a back room that I never knew existed, probably for situations like these where uber famous people come to eat. He politely pulls out the chair across from who I'm guessing is Harry Styles. I sit down gracefully, smile at the man, then turn my attention to Harry. I turn my head slightly while looking at him, soaking in his appearance. He has dark brown curly hair, big hands, is tall, probably around 5' 9", big hands, and big puppy dog eyes that you could stare at all day. I can't really tell what color his eyes are, but they are an extremely attractive feature.

He laughs at me.


"Nothing your just looking at me like you can see into my soul's all."

"Ha. Oops. I do that every once in a while when I look at someone to see what their like."

"So you can tell what I'm like just by looking at me?"

"Not all the time but you can tell if a persons arrogant or has, you know, curly hair."

"Ahh, you noticed."

"Who wouldn't. I only know two, well now three, boys with noticeably curly hair. It's cute in a guy."

He laughs again, I like this boy, "Yea, well I'm Harry."

"Hi Harry, I'm Lia. Lia Hayes."

"Nice to meet you Lia.So you know why your here right?" he says sheepishly.

"Why of course. You and I are supposed to "date" to help you and your mates reputation."

"That about sums it up."

"I don't see what peoples issue is with the whole thing. I mean really truly its your choice AND in all reality age is just a number. The only issue with someone being that much older or younger is that one will die before the other."

"I KNOW! See finally someone outside of the band who understands."

This time its my turn to laugh. Me and Harry start talking, getting to know each other. We find that we get on very well and are both extremely cheeky people. I was expecting someone who was extremely arrogant and had his head int the clouds but Harry is a very fun and down to earth person, thank god. Before we know it, we're done eating, and its almost 8:30.

I look at the clock, "OH! I have to go!."

"Why is something wrong?"

"No, not at all, I just have to go and pick someone up. I really enjoyed dinner though Harry."

I grab my purse and he stands up and we walk out of the restaurant together. He walks with me to my car and kisses me on the cheek before I get in and he walks away. We exchanged numbers during dinner so that we could keep in contact during this whole thing. I hope that even when this is over we'll still keep in touch and will be able to be friends. Of course to the public it would be a break up, but not a nasty one where we hate each others guts but where we'd still be friends. I certainly hope so.

I drive to Karen's place to get Karin,"Thanks so much Kar. I don't know what I'd do with out you," I say while getting out a 50 and 20 for her pay.

"You would die. She's asleep, so you might not want to wake her. How's Styles? Is this going to be a good job?"

"Yea I think so," I say while picking up my daughter and walking to the door," we get on really well. I'm going to have him meet her tomorrow. He wants me to meet the 'boys' soon, but I've got this weird feeling so I'm going to wait till the day after next at LEAST. Hopefully I won't have to until later but I will have to meet them all sometime."

"Haha. Well I'll see you later. Night."

I wave goodbye to Karen and go back to my car, strap Karin into her car seat and drive home. Once home I put her in her bed, kiss her goodnight, then go to bed myself. It's been a long and interesting day.

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