You, Me, and Him

getting pregnant on accident when your 15 and being told by the dad that his possible career is more important than a person is pretty harsh, but when Lia Hayes gets a job that has her reunite with the father two years later, thats even worse. This is her story


4. Me and the boys

"Come on. It's your turn."

"I don't know."

"You promised." Harry says decidedly.

I roll my eyes, grab my purse Karin and go to the door.

"You coming or not? If your not coming then there's no point in my going Haz."

He walks through the door, grabs my hand, and pulls me after him closing and locking the door in the promise. We go out to his car and the three of us hop in. I still don't feel good about this. Harry starts the car and drives off in the direction of where I'm guessing the boys are. Only a few minutes later we pull into a driveway. I get out and go to the back, I look at the house while unbuckling Karin from her car seat. I hoist her up and prop her on my hip. She's growing up fast. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, she was so small and innocent and perfect.

While I was daydreaming about Karin as a little baby we got to the front door, "You ready?" Harry asks thoughtfully.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I reply dryly.

He opens the door and we walk into the house. I look around the foyer. Harry calls out 'hey' to whoever is in the house and from somewhere to the left someone replies with a 'in here'. Harry grabs my hand and I feel safe, but still uneasy. We go through a big wooden door into a room with a t.v., xbox, and a bunch of other game type things. This must be where they just relax and have a good time. I walk in behind Harry, we're still holding hands. His hand is behind his back, kind of protectively. It's almost as if he can sense my unease.

Laying on the couch eating a bag of crisps is a blonde boy with piercing blue eyes. Niall. Sitting on the floor playing Mario Kart is a boy with dark hair in a quiff with darker skin than the others. Zayn. And on the table, playing Mario Kart is a boy with light brown hair and long legs, he;s folded up in a criss-cross apple cross position on the table making his legs stand out. Liam. One, two, three. There should be one more. I look at Harry questioningly, hoping that he'll explain where the missing boy is. Louis. I'm going to have to stop cringing at that name. This Louis is a nice guy, unlike that dirty bastard of a boyfriend once upon a time.

"Lou's out getting some food," Harry explains, answering my question, "he'll be back soon. Guys, this is my girlfriend Lia Hayes and her daughter Karin."

"Hi!!" Niall says excitedly. He jumps up off the couch and runs over and gives me a huge bear hug. What do people call them again? Oh yea, Horan hugs. When he lets go he looks at Karin and starts playing with her, she bursts into a huge grin. "Can I hold her?"

"Yeah sure. You can play with her if you want to. She's two and a half so she can walk and talk decently well."

"Hey," says Zayn pausing the game and putting down the control, looking at me. Liam does the same.

Harry leads me over to the couch that had previously been occupied by Niall. We sit down and I cross my legs. Our hands are still linked and are currently sitting on my knee. This dating thing is going to be way easier than I thought. I just hope I don't get any real feelings for Styles.

"Who's the Dad?" asks Liam.

I knew that I'd have to answer this question sooner or later. Better sooner than later so I start to explain.

"A guy named Louis. He was a total jerk. I haven't seen him since the day I told him I was pregnant two and a half years ago."

"What happened?" Zayn asks this time.

"Well basically, I was 15 and he was 18, we were dating, our parents were gone and we were being dumb. So we got into the alcohol and got drunk. You can probably guess what happened next," I say gesturing towards Niall and my baby girl. I continue my story.

"Then once I figured out that I was pregnant, I told him and he said that..."


"Louis, I'm pregnant," I say from the deck chair in his backyard.

He's pacing around in front of me, "I can't be a Dad!"

"Do you THINK I wanted this! Really Lou! I'm not ready to be a mom! I'm fifteen years old for goodness sake!"

"I KNOW THAT! I can't be a Dad, it'll ruin my career as a singer."

"Then don't have a career."

"No, then I won't be a Dad." He walks away from me. I start crying. I get up to go home and tell my parents.

*end of flashback*

"When I told my parents they kicked me out of the house and I started working as an actress."

"Wow. That's harsh."

"Our Louis would NEVER do that. He's not that sort of person."

"Neither was my Louis. I don't know what happened to him, but I never ever want to see the bastard again."

Then the door opens and a much too familiar voice calls out, "I'm back with the food boys!"

Why me. Well I guess this was my weird feeling. I duck my head just as a head full of dark brown hair walks into the room. He stops walking, standing stalk still. The room gets eerily quiet.

"Li?" He says surprised.

"My name, is Lia. Louis." I say with venom in my voice.

I look up. Everyone is staring at me and Louis. Harry looks extremely pissed off and protective of me. I stand up and go pick up Karin. Louis isn't getting anywhere near her. 

"What are you doing here?"

"It's called my life thanks. One that you successfully ruined on that little day in May two years ago."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry doesn't cut it Louis! You left! Don't you understand! I got kicked out of my house with nobody to turn to because YOU left! You cared more about yourself and stupid career than your girlfriend and child!"

He looks at the ground, then at Karin.

"I thought that you would get an abortion."

"I'm not a cruel person Louis Tomlinson. This child was not a part of me and it was no right of mine to take her life before she even got to live."

Louis tries to come closer to me. Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry all jump up in front of me. Making a sort of wall keeping us apart.

"I'm gonna go back home now. It was really nice to meet you all and I would love to be able to see you again but I don't think that I'm ever going to be able to come back here again. Ever."

Harry leaves the "wall" and takes me to the door. We get back in the car and I burst into tears. He slowly rubs my back while driving back to my place. When we get home he carries Karin and let's me lean on him. Once inside he puts Karin down and comes back to the main room where he left me. I'm in a daze and am still standing by the door, he picks me up and carries me to the couch. He sits down and I'm leaning on him. He slowly rubs my back in circles and starts to sing softly to me. Before long I fall asleep.

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