You, Me, and Him

getting pregnant on accident when your 15 and being told by the dad that his possible career is more important than a person is pretty harsh, but when Lia Hayes gets a job that has her reunite with the father two years later, thats even worse. This is her story


3. Karin and Harry

"Hey Lia, do you want to come over and meet the rest of the boys?"

"Uhhh, actually, there's someone that I want you to meet first. How 'bout you come over here first."

"Then we'll meet the boys? Their dying to meet you."

"Yes, and they also think that we're really dating."

"I'll be at your place in like five to ten. Kay."

"Bye Harry."

I put my phone down on the couch and stand up, surveying the apartment. It's a huge mess! Great. I start walking around picking up everything that's all over the place, it's never good when I have a bad day. Nothing gets done. Once I put the collection of books, cd's, headphones, movies, and socks away I go into the kitchen and start doing all of the abundance of dishes that I haven't done in three days. I start to sing to myself to pass the time, when I'm about half way through Harry walks in the door.


"Hey Harry! In the kitchen!" I yell.

I turn back around, waiting for him to come in. Unfortunately I didn't hear him walk in because he came up behind me and grabbed my waist, scaring the pants off me.

"Hi Harry."

"Heey babe. Do you want any help."

"I think I'm good here for now. I can just finish them later. C'mon, lets go introduce you to Karin."

"Who's Karin?"


"That. Is Karin."

I lead him into her room where she was playing with her toys and go sit down with her. Harry stares at her for a second, then turns to look at me for some kind of explanation. The hurt is clear on his face. He must think that I'm still with the dirty bastard of a father. I feel bad. There was a spark between us and I actually thought that maybe we could be something, for real.

"Where's her dad?" he asks.

"I don't know. I haven't known where he's been since I was 15."

"What do you mean?"

"He didn't want a kid, he said it'd 'mess up his career' and so he left me and when I told my parents they kicked me out of the house. I've been on my own since then. That's why I act. It's so that we can get by, so that maybe I can make a better life for my daughter than what happened to me."


"It's okay if you want to find another girl for the job. I understand."

"No," he says decisively, "This is your daughter, what happened isn't your fault that the jerk left and I'm not going to leave you. You can trust me, I won't let anything happen to you."

I smile with tears in my eyes. Karin stands up and toddles over to Harry. She hands him her toy and lifts her arms up. Gesturing for him to hold her.

"Daddy?" she asks.

"No honey, this is Harry. He's going to be around a lot now okay?"

"H-A-R-R-Y," she says it slowly, trying to sound it out.

He picks her up and looks at her, "she looks a lot like you. But I can see parts that aren't you, her dad? Like the eyes, she has his eyes and your nose."

"Yea like my nose is the feature that everybody wants of mine," I say sarcastically.

"Fine, she's got long eyelashes just like you."

"That's good."

I stand up and go hug Harry. It feels almost perfect. Like he should be here, as the Dad. He'd be a better than Louis anyway.

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