You, Me, and Him

getting pregnant on accident when your 15 and being told by the dad that his possible career is more important than a person is pretty harsh, but when Lia Hayes gets a job that has her reunite with the father two years later, thats even worse. This is her story


15. Dinner

The rest of the day I'm extremely restless. I can't sit still. Finally at six I start to make dinner. Like I said ,nothing fancy. I decided to make pasta salad with cut bread. A meal that Karin and I eat. It feels like it takes years for seven o'clock to come around. Finally, I hear doorbell while playing with Karin. I quickly pick her up and go to answer the door.

"Hi Louis," I say while opening the door. He walks in and takes a look around.

"You have a nice place," he answers after seeing everything, that is that you can see from the doorway.

"Dinners ready and on the table," I say quickly, "right this way.

Once we're situated at the table and everyone has food on theirs plates Louis asks me about Karin.

"So what's she like to do?" he asks.

"She likes watching tv shows, even though she doesn't entirely understand. She learned how to walk at one and a half. She likes going on walks and playing at playgrounds. She loves her giraffe blanket and elephant stuffed animal. She plays with Little People, balls, building blocks, a telephone and dog that you pull on a swing, rocking horses, and cars that you sit in and move with your feet."

"Wow, she likes to play with a lot. She has a lot to play with."

"Yes well I had to work very hard to get her everything a child should have. I used all nine months to get plenty of things for a baby. By the time she came I was totally prepared as far as equipment goes."

"As far as equipment goes??'

"Yes, I had everything you need. All I was lacking was knowlege on how to raise a kid, someone to raise her with me, and whether or not I was ready for a child. Which I wasn't but I had no choice because I was not going to put her up for adoption or kill her. No matter what happened. I had to work very hard to stay in school and work and take care of Karin. She's been babysat her whole life while I've been at work. It's been easier recently because I can take her with me unlike when I'm filming something."

"Wow.... Wow."

"Whatever happened to you hating me?"

"Nothing happened to me hating you. I still do. I hate that you left me to do this alone, that you left HER all because of your career. I do hate you Louis Tomlinson and that will never change. But she needs to know who her dad is before she grows older and starts asking questions. You will be around her enough for her to understand that your her Dad. You will attend her first month of sign language classes starting next week, I'll give you more information afterwards, and once she understands you will have absolutely positively nothing to do with her besides on her birthday and holidays. Understand?"


"Good. Now then, my coming here is tearing apart your band. You and Harry currently aren't talking and as far as I've been told aren't leaving your rooms. You both need to grow up and apologize for your stupid fight. It might have been pertinent at the time but certainly is not now. You are best mates and I refuse to be the cause of it ending. You work together you need to get along and maintain your friendship. If you boys refuse to fix it then I will leave immediately and never come back and will, instead of having Karin see you and know you, she will look at pictures and videos and information on One Direction. That is how she will know her biological father so if you want that then that's fine by me."

"Whoa whoa whoa. You're just going to tell me and Harry to forgive each other."

"Yeah. You are both being extremely pig headed."

"Alright. I'll talk to him."


"So when's this sign language class thing?"

"It's at 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As she gets older five days a week. She will go to a special school for deaf children. I need to start her now so that she and I can communicate. I shall also be learning sign language and you can if you ever want to be able to communicate with Karin. Oh, and it;s at 400 Fareview Drive. Just tel them your with me and they'll direct you to the classroom where we are at."

"Alright. I'll be there. Do I have to learn sign language on my own?"

"You will learn at every session you attend. You will only be attending for the first month then you will have to do it on your own. "

"Why can I only attend the first month's worth?"

"Because you are merely her father not her dad. Whomever I marry will be her Dad and you will only be seen on her birthday and sometime around the holidays. Nothing more. She needs to know who you are because she will eventually figure out that her biological father is not her actual dad."

"Oh. Alright."

By now we're finished eating dinner, I clear the dishes and let Karin down to go play after I wash her face. I tell Louis that if he would please leave that I have things to take care of. After he's left I put Karin in her play pen with some toys and go to take a long shower. Dinner went well. I was in charge and I let Louis know EXACTLY what was going to be happening.

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