Him and Her!

Katy has just turned 17 and for her birthday she got a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert. Did this change her life? If yes, did it in good way or a bad one? if you wanna know then read this movella and i hope you'll enjoy it<3


5. The day after...



Katy's P.O.V:

"So... what did u talk about yesterday with Justin?" Abbs asked me with a weird smile.

"Oh... nothing..." I felt my cheeks burning. "c'mon, tell me!" she ordered.

"Umm , he asked me if I had a boyfriend" "And???" She replied with excitement. "I told him I didn't... and I'm kinda going on a date with him tonight!!" 

"I told u he liked u! " Yeah, she did. 

After 15 min...  "Bye! see u tonight if u come back early from your DATE!"

"Wait! Where are u going?"  "Oh I forgot to tell u I'm going shopping with Pattie. She said she liked my style and needs a hole new closet. " "Have fun!" She closed the door behind her and in that exact second my phone vibrated, it was a text from Justin:

'Hey babe, so exited for tonight! xx'

Then I responded:

'Me too! Where are we going? xx'

I got upstairs when my phone vibrated again:

'It's a surprise! Wear something fancy xx'

'Kay. C u soon xx'

I entered my huge closet, and decided on a black tight dress with an opened back, the one I bought before going to the concert. I wore the sparkling high heels that Abby got me for my birthday.I rushed to the bathroom with my make up bag. I added some eyeliner,  light pink lip gloss, a bit of blush and some mascara. i straightened my messy blond curls.

I looked at my phone. It said 6:00 when it started ringing. I answered .

"Hi babe are u ready?" I heard Justin's soft voice.

"Yeah"  "It's gonna be kinda hard to get out of the limo cuz' of all  the fans so if u could come down yourself ?"

" Sure! Bye" I ended the call and threw my phone in my bag.

in front of the building...

all the fans were blocking the limo when they turned to look at me one of them screamed:

"who is she?" 

Justin came out of it with his body guard, grabbed me softly into the Limo. "I'm sorry for that! it's all my fault. next time i'll come in an old car and hopefully they won't recognise me." did he just said NEXT TIME! i couldn't help but blush "don't blame your self! i mean... you're Justin Drew Bieber, how could i expect less?!"

on the road i kept on getting mentioned on twitter some where mean but i didn't bother reading them. i only read the sweet ones like: '@justinbieber is seen with @Kattyyy at 6. i wish i was beautiful just like her!' i followed a few of them.

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