Him and Her!

Katy has just turned 17 and for her birthday she got a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert. Did this change her life? If yes, did it in good way or a bad one? if you wanna know then read this movella and i hope you'll enjoy it<3


2. The Concert

Katy's POV:

i woke up lazily and looked down at Abbs bed. it was empty! i got to the bathroom and saw her all dress up with a justin bieber t-shirt and then i remembered the concert! we both started screaming "come one kate! you have to get ready, we need to go shopping for the concert!"

i got into the shower and then wrapped my body with a warm towel. i blow dried my natural blond curly hair and chose to wear denim shorts with the same justin bieber t-shirt with my bleu converse. i put on light pink lip gloss and some eyeliner. took my phone, my wallet and got downstairs.

Katy's mom POV:

i saw my little girl all dressed up ready to go shoopping when i stopped her and said " hey sweety! i need to tell u something before u go. here is a credit card but don't use it today because u're going tomorrow morning to LA with Abby!" she laughed like i was telling a joke but realized as i stared at her confused that it wasn't "OMG you're the best mom ever! i love u!" she hugged me as i said " there's more"  "more?!" "these are backstage passes to meet him personnaly and some keys for an appartement in LA!"

Katy's POV:

as my mom said that i was shoked because last year she got over protective. but i was so happy as i turned around and saw Abby with an opened mouth. we jumped up and down as both kissed my mum on both cheeks. "Bye mom and thanks" i said as we got to my car.

Abby's POV:

we got to the mall and i ended up buying 2 tops, a skinny red pants and a yellow sweater. Katy baught a tight black short dress with an opened back. it was stunning! she also baught 2 pairs of sandals, a nude one and the other light blue. i was getting hungry " let's go take a bite!" "u read minder!" we both ordered salads so we won't get fat before the best moment of our life[...]

at the concert... while Justin was singing 'Die in your arms' i could tell he was starring at Kate! and she was blushing! some girls from the back got on stage, then Justin said into the mike " what if someone from in front got on stage to?! " as he took Kate's hand. she pulled me with her on stage ....


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