Him and Her!

Katy has just turned 17 and for her birthday she got a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert. Did this change her life? If yes, did it in good way or a bad one? if you wanna know then read this movella and i hope you'll enjoy it<3


3. Next morning!

Katy's POV:

this morning i felt so happy as the memories of yesterday came floding back in my head. He, Justin Bieber said i was beautiful in front of all his fans! CRAZY right???

i got to the bathroom, did my usual morning routine and ran towards my closet as i remembered that i didn't pack my stuff yet. i opened my suitcase and filled it with all my cloth and my huge make up bag. i'm obsessed with make up! well i am a girl! i was wearing my navy blue skirt with a stripped black and beige long sleeved top and my new nude sandals. i took my black hand bag with my phone and the credit card.

i had breakfast before the door bell rang. it was Abby! "hey, u ready girl?" "definetly!!!" as said good bye to my parents and u know the hole emotional stuff. we called a cab and got to the airport " flight 126 from New York to LA is ready to go in 15 min", we checked in as we sat in the plan beside each other " we had so much fun yesterday backstage with Justin" "he was totally checking you out! isn't cool that he's going in the same place as us and gave us his address?" Abby thought out loud " did u just said he was checking me out?" "yep! ow i almost forgot, he told me to give u his number" she said while pulling out from her bag a peace of paper "awesome!"

Abby's POV:

"were in LA!come on wake up Kate!" as she woke up and got out of the plane. we called a cab, and all the way there Kate was on her phone maybe texting "who are u texting? "  "oh, it's Justin! i'll tell him u say hi". we got to the apartment. it was huge! my bedroom here was the size of my living room back in New York and the closet had the size of my bedroom at home. "COOL!" i yelled Kate had the same sized bedroom and closet. we both unpacked .

15 min later "Justin is asking if we would like going to his apartment with to have lunch. wanna come?" "of course " she smiled at me and we were on our way.


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