Him and Her!

Katy has just turned 17 and for her birthday she got a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert. Did this change her life? If yes, did it in good way or a bad one? if you wanna know then read this movella and i hope you'll enjoy it<3


4. Lunch with Justin Bieber

Katy's POV:

as soon as Abbs gave me his number i immediately texted him 'hey remember me? i'm Kate.' i don't know what is happening to me. i never felt this way before. he wasn't this popular celebrity that i'm dying to meet. he was much more than that. i think i like him 'busss' the sound of my phone pulled me out of my thoughts 'how could i forget about you! did i mention your beautiful?'

i kept on texting him in the cab till we got to the apartment and and after unpacking he started texting me again 'wanna come over for lunch with your friend'i ran to Abb's bedroom and asked her . she said yes. on our way there she stared at me "what?" i asked confused "i was wondering if he likes u back!" "what do you mean by 'likes me back'?" did she know me that well? "oh come one i'm your best friend i know every thing" i smiled and said "i don't think him loves me... i mean likes me back. " did i love him ? no i just like him as a good friend right? " are u kidding! you're not the one who got on stage, he pulled u up. you didn't tell him he was beautiful, he did. you're not the one who gave ur number, he was. you didn't invite him over, he did" maybe she was right. No. of course not[...]

Abby's POV:

we got there and knocked on the door. Pattie Mallete, Justin Bieber's mother was standing in front of us. "hey girls! you must be Abby and Katy! come in before the papz find us" Justin  was sating up the table. he was wearing a black casual t-shirt and red pants with black supras. "hey!" he said and gave us a warm embrace and placed a delecate kiss on kate's cheek. she blushed ! how couldn't she see that he likes her!

we sat down and started eating, talking and laughing! Pattie was really sweet. when we finished, i stood up to help clean the table with her while kate and justin were still chatting. "i like your style! in fact i'd like to go shopping with u some time if it's ok with u " Pattie told me with a smile on her face. i agreed "how about tommorow morning ?" "perfect!" . she wasn't the old fashion type of mother, she was outgoing, funny and she's always smiling.we said our goodbyes! and went home

Katy's POV: 

when Abby and Patty got out of the living room justin said "do u have a boyfriend?" why would he ask me that kind of question? "umm... no" "perfect! than u won't mind going on a date with me tommorow night?" i let my mouth drop " i'll take that as a yes!" he gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear " pick u up at 6." and we went home!

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