Him and Her!

Katy has just turned 17 and for her birthday she got a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert. Did this change her life? If yes, did it in good way or a bad one? if you wanna know then read this movella and i hope you'll enjoy it<3


1. Finally 17!

Katy's POV:

"happy birthday to you! happy birthday to Katy! happy birthday to you!" everybody was singing while i made the wish to find the perfect guy this summer and blowed the candles, everybody cheered  "present time! me first!" Abby, my best friend said. she jumped in front of me with a gift and i gladly unwarped it "WOW! you shouldn't have!'' I was just starring at a sparkling high heeled shoe, the one i really wanted to buy while going shopping with Abby but i didn't even bother looking at the price tag cause it did seem expensive. i kept unwrapping gift, there were like 3 thousand boxes. I did invite the hole school! and i am popular! [...]

finally the last but not least present from my parents. it was an envelope that i ripped with my bear hands "OMG......." i was speechless as i found 2 JUSTIN BIEBER concert ticket. i began screaming and jumping around like a little kid and immediately gave warm embrace to my mother and my father. they're the Best ! i knew already who i was going to take with me " Abby! AHHH! i'm definetly taking you with me " now were both jumping and screaming like little girls. i am so exited!

Abby's POV:

i can't believe we were actually going to HIS concert! OMB! tommorow was the concert and we didn't had a chance to get any ticket for it![...] everybody was already gone! the party was over but i was staying for the night. we talked and talked about the next amazing day before falling fast asleep

sry for the short chapter and the bad writting but need sleep! hope u liked it as a beginning but it'll get better, promise!  Marina<3



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