Meant to be

When Amanda Graylin faces the hell of entering high school, she is forced to enforce the rumor that she likes her best friend's crush, James Partro. When she talks to him more and more, she realizes she is falling for him. She also likes a popular boy, Micheal Stickler, who seems to like her back but is known to be a player. Will she find herself in love with the right one, or will she fall for nothing? Will things end in a hurricane?


1. My best friend's crush

You probably think finding the one will be easy. No sweat. Like taking candy from a baby. That's not how my life was. It all started when I was a freshman. I was happy with my life for once. With my best friends Anna and Jane by my side, nothing can go wrong. Last year, I was so depressed, I almost attempted suicide, but this year, nothing is going to go wrong... Or at least that is what my mind thought.

I stepped off the bus with Jane. I couldn't believe we had our first volleyball game tonight! The first day and first volleyball game. Number twenty-four on the volleyball team! How lucky! I looked at our new school in awe. This is just too much. I stepped inside the gym and got my schedule. First period, Choir. Second period, Language arts. Third, Social studies. Fourth, Gym. Fifth, Science. Sixth, Math. Seventh, Art. That seems like a good schedule. I quickly stole Jane's schedule. Second. That was the only period with her. Second, volleyball, and the bus. Anna walked in and we greeted her. She got her schedule and we took her schedule. Jane and Anna didn't have any classes together. Anna and I had sixth together. Well that and volleyball. We were all on the volleyball team. 

We then checked the lunch. We have lunch split into three, because there are so many people at our school. Anna had the first lunch, Jane had second, and of course I had the last. We joked about how they were trying to keep us from each other. Than I turned around to see a tall boy standing behind me. I smiled and felt the words 'Hi Jacob.' escape from my lips. Jacob had went to elementary and middle school with me. He was 'popular' and 'hot'. Honestly, I like him for his personality. He nodded and reached for his schedule and walked to his prep friends. I quickly rolled my eyes and walked away from him. Anna and Jane realized I was walking away and quickly raced after me. Then, the bell rang. I walked to my first period. 

The school day ended as quickly as it began. A few days passed, I suddenly got an excited Jane come up to me. "AMANDA! AMANDA! AMANDA!" She yelled. I looked over to her. We were in the hall and everyone looked at us.

"Wha-" Was all I could get out before she pulled me into the janitor's closet. 

"I like a boy." She said.

"That's great! Wow!"

"This boy happens to be in my fifth period."

"What's his name?"

"James Partro!" 

"He's in my first and last period!"

"Really?! Can you see if he likes me?!" 

"Well, I'll try." The bell rang.

"I better get back to fifth period and you better get to lunch!" She ran out of the closet. I walked out. Everyone stared. We have such a perverted school. 

"You people have classes to go to." I said, walking to lunch. I looked around the lunch room. No James. Only Jacob and his friends. That's all the 'hot' boys in my lunchroom. I grabbed my lunch and sat down with my friend's. Soon enough, the day was over again. The next day, I started talking to Jacob. Our first conversation was a little awkward, but it all worked out... I think.

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