Harry Potter and the Medusa Team

What happens when four strangers walk into a fight between Harry and Voldemort? When they have powers unknown to the magic community and when they happen to be injected with the medusa gene...
This is for the crossover competition. Its a crossover between Harry Potter by JK Rowling and the Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie. The first few lines are quotes from the end of Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix. Enjoy :)


2. The Medusa Team

Dylan yelled when she noticed the old man, boy with messy hair and the other boy - with a bloody face - began to head towards a fireplace. They span around in shock. The old man stared at them for awhile then advanced on them looking slightly angry.

"I am professor Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. Who, may I ask, are you?" He enquired, looking them up and down. "No, not students," he began to mutter, gazing at the floor. "No wands, either."

"Professor! They're not Muggle." The boy with rounded glasses ran after the man. "I don't know what they are but they... they can do different magic. They don't seem to need a wand." The teen boy finished as the man looked up from the floor. "They're not with him, I don't think."

"Harry, are you sure?"

"Why would they try to save me if they were. ..." Dumbledore turned from Harry to face the four others once more.

"Your powers. May I see them?"  Dumbledore asked, sounding quite calm. 

"Excuse me, but could someone please fix Ketty, first?" Ed pleaded as Dylan opened her mouth to speak.

"And tell us where we are." Nico added.

"Of course, of course. You are in the Ministry of Magic." Dumbledore said, hurrying into the lift to find Ketty still frozen in place.

Dylan snorted, "The ministry of what?" she said as Dumbledore muttered a few words and waved his wand over Ketty. Everyone watched Ketty slowly begin to move again.

"What...what's going on?" She mumbled.

"Everything's fine, you will be taken care of. Neville, I believe you have experience with this spell being put upon you, please help Ketty." Neville nodded at Dumbledore's instructions and hurried over to Ketty. "And yes, Dylan, the Ministry of Magic."

"Wait, how did you know my- Oh, the badges." Dylan said, feeling slightly stupid.

Dumbledore smiled kindly. "Now, could I perhaps see these powers?"

Ed looked at Nico and was suddenly in his head. Should we really trust them? 

Well I suppose, they seem like our only way out. Just tell the girls and follow my lead. Oh, and try to get some information whilst you're in there. Nico replied. Ed left his mind and Nico could see the girls face's go blank as Ed went into their heads. He watched as Neville began to wave his hand in-front of Ketty's face as she resurfaced.

"Ok, well, I'll go first. I suppose." Nico said, thinking about what to do.

He took a deep breath and swiftly moved his hand, again. Everyone watched as a piece of rubble began to float into the air. He glanced at Dylan, who nodded her head, then threw the piece of stone at her. Instinctevily, she put up her shield as the rubble came closer and closer, then suddenly it bounced of her like she was a bouncy castle. "Marvelous!" Dumbledore exclaimed. "And you?" He turned to look at Ed. Ed glanced at Nico, who shrugged, then dived into Dumbledore's mind. It felt strange to Ed, what Dumbledore had said was true - he was a headmaster of a magic school - but Ed couldn't reach into all the parts of his mind. It was like he was somehow blocking it, but was struggling a bit, to keep the memories locked. Ed began to speak to Dumbledore, in his mind, telling him all about his power. 

Once Ed was out of Dumbledore's mind he began to tell the others of what he saw. "-He was telling the truth about all he said. That boy, there, is Harry Potter," He pointed at Harry and saw Harry's face turn to shock, as Dumbledore explained to him about what Ed could do. "And he is famous for some reason, I didn't have time to go into details. That other boy is Neville Longbottom. They both belong to the school. And that snake man was Voldemort, he is bad very bad, evil in fact." 

"Excuse me," Ketty piped, turning towards Dumbledore as Ed finished. "I can't really show you my power but I can tell you about it. I see flashes of the future. Just bits of it at random times. That's how we got in here, I saw us coming in through a phone box, so we did."

Dumbledore looked like Christmas had come early. "Amazing." He mumbled. "I'm assuming that mind reading power of yours can go both ways." Ed nodded. "Can I have a go? To make sure we can trust you." Dumbledore asked gazing at Ed.

"Yes, yes of course." Ed replied as he went into Dumbledore's mind once more. This time Ed sat back a bit and watched as Dumbledore went through his thoughts and memories. As Dumbledore finished looking, Ed left his mind.

Dumbledore's face was pulled into a look of wonder but behind the shining eyes Ed noticed a slight greyness; worry. "That's a great gift you have, use it wisely." He told Ed. Dumbledore's eyes still had a hint of worry as he looked at the teens again. "You have people after you," He stated, clearly not asking a question.

"Well, yes, they want the code to our powers, but we can't let that happen-" Ed began.

"Why not?" Harry cut in. "Why not let others have your powers?" 

Ed began to speak but Dumbledore cut in. "I'm truly sorry, I'm sure it's a thrilling answer but we really need to get back to school." Dumbledore said, looking around. "We've wasted time standing around here."

"But what about the Ministry? And these four?" Harry asked, waving to them. "We can't leave them."

"Well, I'll owl the Minister once we are back, but I shall leave Kingsley here too as I have a feeling the Minister will be along shortly, anyway. But no one can say Voldemort was not here tonight. We have his death eaters tied up downstairs and with some veritaserum, they will tell the truth for once." Dumbledore told Harry. "As for you four, I believe it is best you come to the school with us. You were running from someone when you got that premonition to go into the phone box, weren't you, Ketty?" She nodded as he exclaimed, "Well that's that then! You come with us and we'll keep you safe for a while, until the heat dies down,  then we will send you back to your families."

"Bud what ib whoever was chasin' dem come back agaib?" Neville asked, the blood had begun to dry; turning a crispy murky red colour.

"Well they seem to have their own way of fighting them off," Dumbledore smiled "But anyway with that nifty power of Ed's who knows who he could call to help." He winked, Ed looked puzzled, then began to walk towards a fireplace. Neville and Harry shortly followed. He beckoned the four teens to come also. So, slowly, they began to follow; still a bit nervous and confused as to what they had just stumbled into.

"Does he expect us to climb that thing?" Dylan asked in a hushed whisper as Harry stepped into the fireplace, gave them a little grin, then disappeared. "Never mind..." She told them.

"Oh! Can I have a go?" Ketty asked, smiling.

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