Harry Potter and the Medusa Team

What happens when four strangers walk into a fight between Harry and Voldemort? When they have powers unknown to the magic community and when they happen to be injected with the medusa gene...
This is for the crossover competition. Its a crossover between Harry Potter by JK Rowling and the Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie. The first few lines are quotes from the end of Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix. Enjoy :)


3. Harry

The four teens couldn't stop gasping in awe as they were brought to the school. Harry had been in Hogsmeade to meet Dylan, Nico, Ed and Ketty as they went through the fireplace. Dumbledore and Neville soon followed. After the four others had gotten over the original shock of appearing in another place - miles away from where they originally started - in a matter of seconds, they began to walk towards the school. Harry could hear Ed occasionally mutter about this all not being physically possible and it defying the laws of science. Even if Harry had not known the road back to school so well, he would've known they had reached it as he heard loud outbreaks of gasps from the four behind. He watched Dumbledore smile and carry on walking.

"It's beautiful!" Ketty gasped.

"Yeah." Nico agreed as they reached the castle door. Dumbledore pushed the huge door open and walked inside, his footsteps echoing in the silence. The sky was beginning to lighten outside.

"Right, Harry, I trust you can take care of our guests? I would ask you to get checked out by madam Pomfrey  but I believe she will be very busy right now what with your friends injury's and all sorts, and you look well enough. Will you please go sometime later, though." Dumbledore asked, turning to face Harry, just before he reached the old statue leading to his office. "You are, of course, excused from lessons today, it's Friday anyway."

Yes, sir. What about Hermione and everyone else- when can I visit them?" asked Harry.

"I'd leave it a while before you see them, Harry. Madam Pomfrey will be busy helping them right now, and she doesn't seem to like ill people having guests. ..." Harry looked worried. "I'm sure they will be fine Harry. You need to go to sleep." Harry nodded and turned to the other four and Neville, as Dumbledore began to go up the twisting staircase to his office.

"So, what now?" The one called Dylan asked.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm shattered." Ed said, yawning.

"Yeah, I agree with chino-boy." Dylan said as the others nodded.

"Well, I'm not too sure where you'll be staying. ..." Harry said quietly, his voice disturbing the silence around. "Nico and Ed you could stay in Ron and mines bed, seeing as Ron won't be using his."

"Dey can hab by bed, Harry. D'im not dired." Neville called as Harry, too, yawned.

"Frankly Neville, I think you should go to the hospital wing. Thanks, though." Neville agreed and began to walk up the staircase. "Say hi to everyone for me." Harry called after him. "And you two," he turned to Ketty and Dylan. "Can either go head to toe in Hermione's bed, or can wait for the others to wake - which shouldn't be long - and take another bed."

Ketty and Dylan glanced at each other as they began to head up the stairs. "We'll see how big the beds are." Ketty said.


They finally reached the common room, after a few mishaps on the stairs. On their way up it had been silent, apart from Ketty's screams when she realised the paintings could move. The quiet was partly because the rest of the school was sleeping, and partly because the four others had been so astounded, they couldn't speak. Ed had nearly had his foot sucked into one of the magically altered steps on the stairs on so many occasions, Harry told Ed to follow every step he took very carefully.

When they reached the common room, Harry showed the boys to his dormitory, after pointing the girls towards the girls dormitory steps. The boys crept up the steps and into the room, keeping quiet as Seamus and Dean were still sleeping. Ed and Nico both fell asleep not long after their heads hit the pillows. Harry lay in the semi-dark for awhile, thinking. Wondering if he could have saved Sirius; if he hadn't gone to the Ministry of Magic, Sirius would still be alive. If he hadn't let himself drag his friends into danger they'd be fine, unharmed, asleep in their beds. It was all his fault. He had as good as killed Sirius. These thoughts kept swirling around his head whilst a small voice was chanting "its all your fault". Eventually, Harry gave up. He couldn't stop the voices in his mind. He snuck back out, and tiptoed down the stairs into the common room as the sun began to rise. He sat on one of the comfy arm chairs, by the now dead fire. After a while, Harry began to finally nod off, his eyelids continued to droop until they finally closed.

"Harry." He heard someone whisper, the voice was familiar.

"Sirius?" Harry called. "Sirius, where are you?"

"I'm here Harry. I'm not too sure where here is but..."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry you died." Harry said, quietly.

"No Harry, don't be sorry. I just needed you to know; I would rather have died to save you, than any other way." He whispered. Harry spun around, still looking for Sirius, trying to glimpse his waves of black hair.

"But if I hadn't been so stupid you wouldn't have died!"

"Harry, listen to me. It wasn't your fault. I'm gone and there's nothing anyone can do to bring me back."

"But-but I need you." Harry's voice was rough, beginning to crack.

"Harry, I'm always with you, as is your parents. Never forget..." The voice floated away. Harry began to yell, telling Sirius to come back, but nothing happened; no one came. Harry sank to his knees as he started to hear faint yells. People screaming and shouting.

Harry's eyes snapped open as golden rays of sunshine were beginning to flood in through the windows. He heard shouts coming from the boys dormitory. He began to run up the stairs as he heard screams coming from the girls dormitories. The boys shouts were getting quieter. He went to retreat; about to go help the girls. When he remembered he couldn't; the girls stairs were enchanted to turn into a slide if the boys tried to go up them. Harry dithered for a while between the two staircases, then ran up the boys stairs, hoping that the other Gryffindor girls were there to help. Harry burst into the dormitory where shouts were beginning to come from again, his wand pointed in front of him. He recognized the door as his own. When he entered, he saw Dean and Seamus facing Ed and Nico. Harry took a double look at Nico and Ed, then remembered what happened last night. Dean and Seamus had their wands pointed towards Ed and Nico's chest. Harry began to speak as Nico flew Deans wand out of his hand.

"Guys, stop!" Harry yelled. "Nico!" Seamus' wand flew out his hand, also, and landed on the floor, rolling under Ron's bed. "Dean, Seamus, it's ok, they're with me."

"Harry!" Seamus cried. "You're back!"

"Where were you? Where's Ron and Neville?" Dean asked, forgetting about the Ed and Nico.

"I-It's a long story. They're in the hospital wing."

Seamus groaned. "Why did I even ask? You know you lot are going to end up with your own beds in there soon. Seeing as you spend so much time in there." Harry shrugged. Seamus suddenly remembered about Ed and Nico. "So, who are these two?"

Harry began to explain all about Ed and Nico, with occasional input from Ed and Nico themselves. When the door was flung open, once again, by Dylan and Ketty.

"Tell them that you know us!" Dylan told Harry as some Gryffindor girls came running up the stairs, wand arms outstretched. Harry began the tale again, starting to get bored of telling it. He began to get slightly confused, scrambling up pieces of it; it was too early to be telling stories. It didn't matter, anyway. By breakfast the story would have been warped into some random tale, from being spread around the school so much. The girl's questions were answered and they slowly drifted away, needing to get ready for class. Harry could hear some of the other Gryffindor's asking the girls what was happening. One girl just simply answered, "Harry."

When they had all left, Harry remembered his question from earlier that night had never been answered. "Wait, you never did say why you wouldn't share your powers."

"Well," Ed began. "We only got our powers because our mothers were injected with the Medusa gene when they were pregnant with us. But having the gene in us, killed them not long after we were born. We have, also, been hunted for our powers by people who want to use them against others." Ed explained. "It was Dylan's dad who invented the gene." Dylan went to sit down on Harry's bed and Ketty joined her. "He was murdered when Dylan was young. People we began to trust kept turning against us. We never know who to trust." Harry nodded knowing what it was like to grow up without parents and being chased. Feeling sorry for Dylan, he began to tell her that he had grown up without parents too. He told them of their murder, how he had to grow up with the Dursleys. About him being fed lies until he found out he was a wizard, and how Voldemort wanted him dead. The teens were shocked. Seamus and Dean were sorting their bags for lessons, not really interested in Harry's story, having heard it before.

"So, we're more alike than we thought." Nico said, gazing curiously at Harry.

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