Beware Of Me

{My pack is in danger and the will of survival is hard to maintain. Yet surrender is not an option}
The Canadian wilderness is full of more than a human mind could imagine! Five packs live in parts of these woods. Survival is the goal, the obstacles? Themselves. Betrayal, Victory, Failure, Courage, and Fear. Only the strong will survive, only the loyal will be rewarded, and only the wise will prevail! Grass will be stained red and eyes will show rage. Loyalty is a challenge.
Beware Of Me.


2. Chapter 2:

The scarlet color of a rising ball of flames arose from the horizon to shine upon the tree tops of the forest. The trees warmly welcomed the suns shining glow. The forest floor below shyly wriggled out of the lights way. The trees protected it from such burning tang. Birds began to sing of a days beginning to awaken the life that roamed in the shadow village below the vegetation. The forest that belonged to the Broken Shadow wolves was nothing but shadows. A cougar was already awake before the nature's alarm clock could spring into its setting of rising the lids of wildlife. She prowled from the stone dent in the mountains. She looked over to the sight of the mountain valley whom she knew lived the pack of fellow predators. She growled despising their living style, "Fools to depend on each other. Canines can never take care of themselves like felines can,". Her name was Narvezae. She knew the pack claimed this land. Today she would set out to find the free land. A land where all animals lived not bothering each other, where wolves did not own every strip of grass. Every branch from a tree, every rock that rumbled down a hill side. "The wolves claim it all here. Free land is a cougar's...bear's and game's paradise. This land will no longer scowl me for my presence!" Narvezae prowled up the mountain following the sent of a bear who had passed towards the free land.

Secrecy's golden eyes flashed to the distant rise of the mountains.She was staring trough a streak of sight in between the looking trees that protected them from light. A hawk had flown up to its rising peak carrying a doomed mouse. She snarled jealous of its feasting, "We rarely get to eat like that!" She roared. "I know, sister. Benevolent will be justified soon," Todd was next to her watching the hawk leave their sight as well. Benevolent Pack was what Broken Shadows called scavengers. They would come to other packs territories and steal their rightful game or hunt their prey. They lacked food in their lands so stealing was the way the saw to survive. Fools. Secrecy turned to Todd, her eyes showed appreciation to his attempt to ease her pain. Secrecy tried to take care of the pack every second of the day and nothing more. Todd turned his head back to Secrecy and licked her ear to show friendship. Todd was a pup that was born a season before Secrecy from a now deceased mother. Secrecy returned with a rise of her muzzle under his jawline. She swerved past him towards the center of the camp. Many wolves were awakened by the birds' morning songs. "Brother Lake," Secrecy called to the large stricken stone. "Ah, sister," he greeted and turned his traveling to her direction. "May you tell my father I will be in the north, I sense a presence." Secrecy asked. Lake nodded, "May the shadows protect you, sister." Of course when Secrecy says she sense's a presence she does not mean she can actually feel a force of energy in her family's land. She commends that she may search for any odd distortions. Secrecy prowled through the camps darkened era. She growled to tell the arrow and shooter that was guarding the front of the camp. The backed away with their heads lowered in respect. Secrecy bounded through the valley of blackness towards the north. Everything was in same proposition to her wolf eye. Secrecy's slick body streamed through the forest like an eel through an ocean. She caught the sent of lavender and marigold. She growled and ran faster towards the scent, an intruder is all that was swimming through her river of thoughts. As she neared the scent got stronger until it was like she was in a lighted meadow. Suddenly she stopped, the intruder here. She snarled, "Don't think you can hide, I live in these shadows. I know every inch of every dark cast," Secrecy threatened. A brown dusted wolf came out of a dark corner to the fae's right. Secrecy lunged at the intruder and had it on the ground in the blink of a deer's eye. The wolf drooped its ears and looked up at Secrecy. Secrecy's snarls stopped and she licked its ear to show her mercy. Secrecy slinked off the skinny brute, "Hello, friend." Secrecy barked, careful not to show her fangs.

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