Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


5. Sleepover


The 5 boys we dreamed of were coming to spend the night in our house in a couple of minutes. Girls would be lucky to be in our place right now. Claire and I were truly blessed.
" Avery, the boys are coming!!!", she whispered extremely loud but not loud enough for someone to hear. We were in our around the house clothes because we were going to need to be comfortable around 5 gorgeous boys.
Claire turned around the open the door and I saw the boys walked in wearing sweatpants just like us. Wow.
" Hey Avery!", everyone said even Claire.
" Hey guys!", I shouted back.
We all sat down on the couches.
" So what do we start off with this fantastic night?", Louis said.
" What about a little truth or dare?", Claire asked us all. Everyone except me and Liam shook our heads no.
" C'mon! Nothing's wrong with a little game. Are you scared?", Harry whispered into my ear making me cringe.
" I will try if you do...", Liam said. I nodded my head. We got in a circle on the floor. Claire brought a bottle from the kitchen.
" Okay, who would like to start us off?", Claire told us.
" Me!!!", Niall raised his hand. He put his hand on the bottle and gave it a powerful spin. It landed on Zayn.
" Truth or dare?"
" Truth!"
" Would you kiss someone in this room?"
We waited for a while.
" Yeah..." I gulped. He wouldn't kiss one of the boys, so it had to be me or Claire.
" It's okay lad, I know I'm sexy!", Niall shouted making me forget my worries. Everyone burst out in laughter.
" Zayn, spin that bottle!", Niall said.
He spinned the bottle slowly and it landed on me.
" Truth or dare." I could feel all eyes on me. I couldn't choose truth because that would make me feel wimpy.
" Dare."
" I dare you to... pull down your pants in the road. The Jobersons haven't met you yet, have they?", he said smiling.
" No they haven't. I guess their about too!", I said grinning. This would be fun.
" I walked to the door and prepared myself for foolishness. I couldn't back out. I saw them all jump up to look out the window. I walked to the middle of the road and counted down.
"3, 2, 1, GO!", I said to myself. I pulled down my pants and then pulled them back up and ran in the house.
I sat down and buried my head in my lap.
" I had the best view!", I heard Harry tell everyone causing an eruption of laughs and hollers.
" Shut up dickhead!", I screamed. Harry grinned at me. I had to grin back, I mean who wouldn't.
I spun the bottle causing it to land on Louis.
" Ayo! Um, dare!"
" I dare you to get a cup of toilet water and jug it down!" It was disgusting, but they watched me pull my pants down so it was fair.
" That's easy!" He drunk the toilet water easy and ended with a satisfied smack.
Louis spun the bottle causing it to land on Harry.
" Dare!"
" I dare you to go make out for 10 minutes with Avery!", when I heard my name being called I almost died. Harry jumped up reaching for my hand to pull me up.
" Have a good time Avery!", I knew he was upset by drinking the toilet water but he sure didn't show it. I knew to never mess with Louis again. I walked Harry down to the guest room. He pulled me onto the bed. I was nervous at first but I relaxed. I mean I was doing it with him just kissing. He started to kiss my neck. He left soft wet kisses on my throat.
" Harry...", I couldn't take it anymore. He worked his way up to my mouth making me moan. He asked for entrance. I let him in knowing I would be louder. He let his tongue explore my mouth, grazing each and every part. I said his name over and over till there was a knock on the door. Harry got up and pulled me. We walked out the door with our hair in different shapes.
" Whoa, how was it?", Louis asked. Just to tick him off I said it was the best I ever had. Everyone grinned except Louis.
We ended up stopping the game after that. We made a giant ice cream sundae and we eat that together. We started wiping ice cream in each others hair and body's. We were all directed to take showers by Daddy Direction. He was cute giving orders.
I walked Harry to my bathroom after showing Liam and Louis the guest rooms, and Claire showing Zayn and Niall hers and the game rooms.
" Your room is beautiful...", Harry barely whispered.
" Thanks, I wanted the feeling of being in a garden!"
" You sure got it. Did you mean what you said about me being the best you ever had?" I didn't know how to respond but I managed to say yes. He turned me on a way another guy never did before.
" Well, I could do it again if you wanted me too...", he said pressing his body against mine.
" Sorry bud, but you smell like bananas!" I handed him a towel and pushed him toward the bathroom.
" I will wait for you!", he screamed through the door. I giggled. I finally had what I wanted though it wasn't fulfilling to me. Maybe I just needed to get to know them more, that's all.
After several minutes I saw Harry walk out the bathroom in just a towel.
" Ahhh my eyes!"
" Sorry!"
" It's okay.", I turned around to look at his perfect V line. God he was nice!
" You see something to want?", he asked doing that half smile that makes girls go crazy.
" No! You can keep it to yourself!"
" Stop lying... Tell Liam to bring me my clothes please.", he said whining a bit.
" Okay, I am.", I pulled myself off the bed and down the stairs.
" Are you okay?", was the first question to hit me as my foot hit the bottom step.
" Yep, I'm alright. Thanks for checking..."
He nodded his head passing me a few clothing items.
" I just wanted to make sure, Harry's sometimes perverted, but he is a really nice guy in the end." I nodded my head smiling. He cared about me!!! Sweet!
I walked back up the stairs and handed Harry his clothes. I feel asleep dreaming about how this was going to be in the long run.


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