Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


7. Pickup/Kyle



We got more comfortable with the boys as the weeks went by. To save money, we moved in to their larger condo. Before we knew it, our best friend Sabrina was coming to visit us in the U.K.  Claire and I promised each other not to let Sabrina know about One Direction living with us as we wanted to surprise. She was the biggest culprit of being a Fangirling, with a million posters and merchandise in her room. She would be completely obsessed with them if their wasn't Shrillex.

" Claire! We need to go pick up Sabri!, I yelled down the hall. We weren't dressed in anything special, sweatpants and band tees. We walked down the garage and plopped down into my red Mini Cooper. The boys were out today for a signing.
Claire held up a huge sign stating 'Sabrina, we are right here!', which was pretty noticeable, for the airport was crowded. A felt a tight, warm hug attack me from behind.
" Sabrina!", we cheered.
" What's up?!? I've missed you guys so much!", she said giving us one more tight squeeze.
" Lets go before we get trapped———"
" Holy crap! Is that Kyle Camar!?!", I screamed over the loud crowd. Big mistake, the dirty blonde headed boy turned with a grin. Claire's ex strolled up to us gaining recognition.
" Hello girls!", Kyle said with excitement. " You know I am still sorry about what happened. Me and Claire got really quiet, we didn't want to hear what he had to say.
" Kyle! Get your dumbass out our faces before I find out how a London prison looks like and for you... The E.R.!", Sabrina was enraged and I understands why. Kyle did and said some things he shouldn't have and I just wanted him out my head. He scampered away totally afraid of Sabrina's fury.
" Dirtbag!", Sabrina yelled after.
" Lets go...", Claire barely muttered. On the way home Claire was crying. I wasn't.

~Authors note~
Sorry this chapter was short, but I'm done testing. I felt like I exceeded but to get back in A/C I have to have a 900 and above. 😣 Worried sick... But I felt good about it. The next chapter is going to be fun! Beach time!




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