Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


3. New Place to call Home

New Place to call Home


" We love you.", Claire and I said into to phone together. Our parents were very close and went out to diner every Friday with us. But this is the first time they didn't eat with us. " We are driving to the apartment now, don't worry. Love you guys, bye...", I whispered into the phone afraid that I might burst into tears. I really missed my parents and I knew I could visit them, but it still didn't feel right.
" Burden Avenue, right ladies?", the taxi driver asked us. I replied slowly yes because I turned to glance out the window to see our apartment. Well it really wasn't an apartment, lets say condo! It was gorgeous, it reminded me of a castle, with beautiful arches, swift columns, and lovely ivory artistry painted by a very talented human. I realized there were only three condos so it wasn't going to be loud.
" Thanks!", I said handing him his tip and the money. I heard a " no problem" but I was still in awe of the condo. Claire was out of the question, she was kissing the ground. What would I do without her?
She finally got up and opened the door.
" Damn! I get the big bed!", Claire screamed. I walked up the steps and almost ripped out my hair. It looked like a house a celebrity lived in. It was so big!  From the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, my jaw dropped to hell. I walked into our custom made room and saw the most beautiful room ever. My room was a floral oasis. Flowers every where, roses, tulips, daisies, etc. The bed was white everything and I loved it. I walked down the hall into Claire's room and saw her spread out on her bed. Claire's room was pretty too, but it was for her. She had a skulls painted on a purple wall and white roses. She wasn't gothic, but I'm sure someone would think that if they saw her room. We went to sleep after running up and down the house for hours. It was a new place to call home...


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