Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


4. Hello There


Hello There

Ding Dong! I was in the kitchen making pancakes when I heard the doorbell. Claire was on the couch eating Nando's. " Claire! See who that is!", I yelled from the kitchen.
" I'm doing it now mother!", she said. I saw her brunette wavy hair stand up and walk to the door. I walked around the corner to see 2 boys at the front door. One of them had a shaved boot camp hair cut and soft brown eyes. The other had brown hair that looked like he just woke up and blue eyes. I knew who they were, and I was not fan girling or screaming like girls would if they even saw one fifth of One Direction.

" Hey, nice to meet you. We just moved to London from the states. Thank you for the basket.", I heard Claire say. I was shocked that she keep cool.

" Hello! My name is Avery...", I kinda whispered as I walked up to the door still in awe.

" Nice to meet you too, my name is Liam, and this is Louis," he said.

" Hey!", Louis waved at me. I waved back. " We were wondering if you girls would mind coming over tonight to meet the rest of the lads."

He didn't have to chance to say who we were going to meet before Claire said yes.

" See you there, were the condo to the left of you, come around 5," Liam smiled as he spoke.

I could feel myself liking Liam but I knew that there were the rest of the boys, so I couldn't get attached to him.

" Bye, and thank you so much!", Claire spoke with such calmness that it scared me. She closed to the door as the Liam and Louis were turning around. She spun around to me and started screaming like a wild child.

" Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are meeting One Direction!", she screaming while jumping up and down. I jumped with her because this is what we dreamed of.


" What are we going to wear!?!", I asked Claire. It was 4:36 and I just woke up from a nap.

" I am wearing leather skinny jeans, my white oversized shirt with the sequined pocket, and cheetah converse'", Claire spoke with excitement. I looked over to her already dressed and doing her makeup. She was stunning. What was I going to do?

I remembered my favourite shirt and jeans that I wore to my friend Sabrina's birthday. I was wearing a studded dress shirt with scarlet red jeans. It was way cute and showed off my curves. Plus my studded loafers.

I got dressed and did my makeup by the time it was 5:06.

We walked over to the boys house. It was as grand as ours but a little bigger because their were five boys not two girls.

Claire knocked on the door to it be opened by a dimpled curly haired boy. Harry Edward Styles.

" Hello there, you must be the two new ladies joining us for moving night," he spoke seducing me at the same time. Harry was my One Direction crush. I liked all the boys but him the most. He was misunderstood just like me. " Come on in.", He said moving his hand towards the inside of the house. 

It smelled like popcorn and pizza. I ushered us to a white couch were we meet Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. From the corner of my eye I could see Claire get a little jumpy inside.

" Hello, my name is Zayn and this his is our little snowflake, Niall," Zayn said. Niall waved, I could tell that he was stuffing his mouth with pizza because he looked like a chipmunk. I giggled and they all smiled.

" This is Avery and Claire, our new neighbours. We now don't live next to the Jobersons anymore, Hallelujah !', Louis stated walking in form their kitchen.

" Gals and guys, whose up for a little Toy Story!", Liam said walking in. He smelled like fresh shower. We all sat down. I was sitting on a couch with Zayn, and Liam. Harry and Niall were sharing a loveseat. And Louis and Claire were on the floor. The movie started and bowls of popcorn were being passed around. It was buttery, just how I liked it...

" Who made this popcorn?", I asked. Niall raised his hand high and proud. " It's really good! Good job Ni!" He smiled, I guess he liked my nickname for him. Liam told me that he calls him that too. It was around 8 at night and it was time to go. They all kissed us on the cheek goodbye. Me and Claire walked out with extremely large smiles on our face. The boys were spending the night at our house tomorrow night.



Author's note

I need more readers!!! I don't know why, but my movella won't pop up on the app so that may be the reason why I don't know but I need comments and likes, I will write the sleepover chapter today. It will be long and heated... ;) so comment, like, favourite please

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