Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


6. Hangover


I awoke to Harry snoring quietly beside me. I smiled at this cute image. I slide over and kissed his cheek.
 " Hmm," Harry moaned.
" Shut up, the wasn't for you... it was for the people who will never get to meet you.", I whispered to him.
" Sure," he said grinning and turning to face me.
" Why didn't you sleep with the other boys downstairs?"
 " I thought you needed company,"
" Well, I didn't.", I said slightly pushing him at little.
" Yeah, you wanted an encore!"
" Nooooo way! It was a dare Harry!"
" You knew you enjoyed it!"
" Maybe, just a little."
" Still up for that encore?" I have him my your-lucky stare and jumped out the bed. Harry followed me down stairs to see everyone still sleeping. Claire was spread across the couch like a lemur.
" Let's pull a prank!", Harry spoke with excitement.
" Lets began!" I ran towards the kitchen and grabbed a can of whip cream. Harry got the permanent marker and tape from the kitchen drawer. This was going to be super!
We walked quietly towards Zayn first. Harry put the tape on his mouth and drew a mustache and hairy eyebrows. He did that with everyone else, then I quickly put whip cream on all their noses and we skipped up the stairs.
"Harry!!! Avery!!! Get Ass #1 and Ass #2 down here!!!", Claire yelled violently.
" Me and Harry jogged down the stairs with wide smiles on our faces.
" Yes mother Claire.", Harry said. We both giggled but everyone else kept a straight face.
" You two are in so much trouble after I say how proud I am of you!", Louis said hugging us proudly.
" Thanks father Louis, mother has no humor!", I grinned.
" Oh, I have humor, watch this!", Claire said. She started clapping her slippers together like a retarded walrus. We died of laughter. It was funny.
" Okay okay, your talented!", we all started clapping.
We played board games, watched tv, and made bucket lists the rest of the day till 8 p.m. came.
" Who wants to go to the club?!?",Louis and Harry asked us.
" Me!!!"' Claire, Zayn, and Niall screamed. Me and Liam were the only ones who didn't raise their hands so I guess you could call us partypoopers.
" Then you two will be watching us, making sure we don't do anything stupid!", Claire said in a cheerful attitude. The boys went back to their condo to get dressed and take a shower.
Me and Claire already had what we were going to wear because we planned to go clubbing already.
Claire was wearing a black heart cut out dress, lace rose tights, ankle platform boots, studded clutch, winged earrings, and her hair tied back with a little makeup.  I was wearing a sequin sky blue high low dress, sequin heels, hair in a braided back bun, grey makeup, and  a bandana headband with silver earrings. We were gorgeous!
Harry picked us up while Niall and Zayn drove in Zayn's range rover.
We got to the club The Loft, one of the best in London. Harry escorted me and Claire like a gentleman. We all stepped into the club together. Harry, Zayn, Claire, and Niall all started hitting it off with the other partygoers.
" Don't like clubbing much?", Liam asked me.
" No... I like it, just it's different here!". I had to scream over the loud music.
" Well, this is your first time here so go enjoy it!", Liam said pushing lightly over the small of my back. I felt a large hand take my average sized one.
" Welcome to my world", Harry exclaimed.
" I'm glad to be here", I said quietly. He twisted be around till my back was against the front of his body. We started grinding softly against each other. It felt good to be free and wild for once. We stayed in the club dancing, drinking, and just laughing for a few hours till the club was telling us to leave because it was closing.
We were all drunk to much to drive, but Zayn and Liam came out with a little brainpower so they drove. We slept at the boys condo because we were exhausted.
I heard a thud against the wall. It was coming from Zayn's room. I shook Harry.
" Haz, listen!", I whispered. We heard moans and Zayn's name being stretched many times.
" I think Claire and Zayn are having sexy times!", Harry smirked. I couldn't help but smile myself. They were loud. We both got up with our heads pounding from the alcohol. Harry knocked on Zayn's door. We heard everyone else wake up and walk towards Zayn's door.
" Excuse me! Your sexy times are disturbing everyone by you!", Louis shouted.
" Sorry!", we heard Zayn yell back. " We will try to be more quiet."
" Thank you!", Louis said stomping back to his room. We all laughed and went back to our rooms.
              Best Hangover Ever


Author's note

Sorry I only wrote one chapter. I have testing the entire week starting tomorrow so I wont post as much, probably none at all till the weekend. This chapter was crazy!!!

Avery's outfit~

Claire's outfit~

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