Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


2. Flying to London

Flying to London

" Oh London, oh London, these bitches are coming to you...", sung Claire. " Oh London, oh London, these bitches love youuuuu!"
" Be quiet Claire", I turned around to see the elders behind us wide eyed. I giggled to myself because I knew what were going through their heads.
" Avery, oh Avery! What if we see One Direction, oh my gosh, I would dieeeee!", exclaimed Claire. I knew we would both freak out.
" And if you saw Harry, or if I saw Niall, Jesus I'd be in heaven", she sang a little at the end.
" We probably may never meet them, so stop what if-ing", I whispered. I didn't want to admit, but I was excited to think I would ever meet them. I feel asleep dreaming about us watching a movie with those 5 boys.

" Avery! Wake up, the plane is touching ground." After Claire said that jumped up to be woken by a smooth crash. We were finally here. Excitement has reached maximum storage. I could feel it being released.
" Yes!!!! We're here Clairedy!!!", I began dancing and jumping around causing a few startled stares. But you know what?!? I didn't care, we were here at last...

~ Authors note ~ Hellooo lovies, this is my first fan fic so hey! I bet you catches on that these chapters are a little boring, but don't worry, I will spice it up soon. I am currently co- authoring but I really don't think it will work out because we all have different ideas and end up changing each others edits. No hate pretty please!!!


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