Not too Late to Love

Avery and her best friend Claire, just got out of high school. They both saved up for years and move into a apartment in London, England. Only they don't know the biggest boy band of their generation lives next door. They are huge fans but when the met the boys will they fangirl? Will relationships start or will everything come crashing down and ruin their future and the boys?
READ FOR MORE INFO, my first fan fic, read some amazing ones that I decided to make my own. I will try to update at least 5 chapters per week, I still have to go to school:)


1. Finally



    Finally! Me and Claire were done with high school and packing for London. I was so excited to finally get out of America. Not that I didn't like it, just it wasn't me and I wanted something new. One more thing, we wanted to move to London because of 5 special boys, even though we know we wont meet them. I called Claire as soon as I finished zipping the suitcase.

    " Claire, are you ready yet?", I asked her.

    " Yepo girly!", Claire said. " I am going to say goodbye to everyone I didn't yesterday."

    "  Ok, I will be outside your house in a hour or half.", I said.



    I hung up and dragged my suitcase to the front door, turned around and blew a kiss at my childhood home. My parents were at work so I didn't get to say goodbye again.


To London...

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