Everything About You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Thing change, people change, but the feeling stay the same. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.


4. Too Obvious

Harrys P.O.V.

When we got out out of the van we rushed towards the door to avoid fans screaming at us causing riot in our neighborhood. The boys and i went to mine and Louis'  apartment to stay for a while. "Finally, home sweet home" Louis announced and sat on the couch. "Nice to be back home." I said sitting on the couch to and it was completely silent. "So I hear a certain someone has a crush on a certain daughter of a Vice President of a cetain company." Louis said and the boys looked at me and chuckled except for Liam who was giving me a blank stair. "Dude. if she ever goes out with you, make sure you take care of her. The last timshe was in a relationship she cut herselfwhen she caught him cheating on her. I had to visit her daily to convince her to stop. She's very fragile even though she's 5'9 tall. Liam said and all of us were in blank expression. "Relax mate I promise I'll take good care of her if we ever go out." I replied the boys were just quiet. "I'm sorry. Shes just like my little sister I've never had. I promised her I'd take care of her if shes ever in trouble or just up set." Liam apologized and I just nodded. "So who wants to watch a movie?" Louis asked and all of us were nodding. "Harry, since your the one that nearly getting a girlfriend, why dont you choose the movie?" Niall asked. "I wanna watch Love Actually." I replied and they all just groaned. "Oh come on, I'm in love. No need to go moaning on me." I replied as I pressed play and sat on the floor. "Zayn get the tissues." Louis bossed him and Zayn took the tissues which was on the table and gave it to me. "What was that for?" i asked holding up the tissue. "Dude, you cry every time you see the wedding part." Niall replied and they all just nodded. "Fine, thanks for the holding up." I replied looking at the t.v. screen.

Syds P.O.V"

Thomas, what are you doing here?" I asked standing still. "Your mom invited me and my family for a family dinner." he replied standing from the couch motioning over to me. "Well, have fun" i replied going up stairs. He's the reason I cut myself a few years ago. I couldnt help but shed tears when I entered my room. My room was all white, the duvets, the television, my IMac desktop, even my chandeliers. I ran to my bed and laid down until my mum came in. "Honey, dress up, the Stecle Family are eating dinner with us ." My mom said as I gave her thumbs up and stood up. I went insie my walk in closet which was next to my bathroom. I choose a white short dress which was perfect for dinner occasions. When I went down stairs they were already at the dinner table. My 2 brothers and 2 sisters were already eating. Great, I'm the one thats alwats late. "Ah, your finally here, sit next to Thomas." my mom said. and I did as told. Thomas' parents are also part of the Syco's board of trustees, lower than dads position. When Thomas and I were dating we were all over each other, but when I caught him cheating on me, I ran away from home and went yo Wolverhampton and stayed at Liams house until my parents realized  that I needed help so they let Liam stay in the house till I was fully recoved again. "So Tom, hows life?" my mum asked and Tom dropped his knife and awnswered the question. "Well ever since me and Syd broke up, things have been complicated." he replied and my siblings were looking at me with a weird smile but i gave them a glare. My parents were in awe at Toms reply. "Actually honey, I think Syd has found a new man." my dad said pointing a fork at me. "Whats his name honey honey my mum asked "Harry, Harry Styles." I replied with a sly smile. My sisters choon their waters and coughed. "Sweeties are you alright?" My brothers just laughed which made me laugh too. When we stopped laughing Tom said something that made mehate him more. "To be honest, Harry Styles is a massive flirt. He doesn't deserve somebody as fragile  as Syd." he announced to my parents. My dad just nodded and looked at me. "Well at least Harry didnt cheat on me, broke my heart, and didnt even bother to apologize for his actions." I replied with a smug look. My sibilings gave him the "pwned" face and they started laughing. I love them so much. "Harry, has snogged plenty of girls and left them after doing it." Tom replied with a "revenge" smirk. My mum looked shocked. "Honey I think it is best you choose guys who have less experience." My mum explained and I left the table throwing the white cloth on the table forcefully. I brought my water glass with me and spilled it on Toms head and placed it on the table. My sibilings laughed again but this time they all snorted. Oh how lucky am I. I went up stairs and headed to my room. When I entered my room I saw a bouquet of flowers sitting on my coffee table. I walked slowly and saw a note attached to it. I held it and read the note. Dear Sydney, Sorry about earlier. I will wait for the time that you will feel the same way I feel about you.-Harry Styles xx  p.s. Louis says hi. I couldn't help but giggle a little. Sudddenly there was a knock. My sisters came in and laughed because of what i did to Tom. "You my friend, are hilarious." my sister, Jenna said as they came closer my direction. "Is that from Harry? My other sister Kelly said pointing to the bouquet. "Yup, but we're only friends, for now." I replied and the three of us gigled like crazy. My mum entered the room with a "I'm not happy about what you did" kind of look. Jenna, Kelly can you please give me a moment with your sister." she asked and they both nodded and left my room with no noise. "Did you know what you did?"my mum asked and I walked away with the bouquet. "Yes mom I know what I did. I just gave my ex boyfriend the kind of thing he deserved." I replied not looking at her. "Honey, I know that he did you wrong but can you at least not embarassyour dad in frount of his employees." she replied with a serious tone. "Well im sorry mom but what I did to Tom is something he rightfully deservered." I replied. My mum looked at the bouquet I was holding. "Who gave you that?" she asked pointing to it. "Harry, mum he really is a nice guy and we're not official but i think i like him too." I replied and she just smiled. "Honey, just be careful not to break your heart again. I dont like it when you're hurt." She said hugging me. "I will mom." i replied. "Alright I need to go cheak on Tom now. Good night my little girl." She said kissing my forehead. I cant help but smile. I miss my mum being like that to me. I went into my walk in closet and changed into my pink nighygown and laid in bed. Great I cant sleep. If I could just close my eyes . Suddenly someone rang me.(Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me and your heart starts to wonder where on earth i could be. Thinking maybe you'd come back int the place that we'd meet and you see me waiting for you at the corner of the street. so im not moving.) (ring tone) I absolutely love "The Script" so I decided I make one of there songs my ringtone. Any way moving on. Hmmm.......... Nah! I'll awnser it anyways.

Syd: Hello? Who is this?

Unknown: Harry, look out your window

Syd: Harry, its 9 in the evening

Harry: Just look

Syd: Alright but there better not be any scary stuff

Harry: dont worry im here to protect you

i walked to my window. it was raining hard. I saw Harry out there with an umbrella and pizza in his hands

* still on phone

Harry: I bought pizza

Syd: you are crazy

Harry: so uh.. hope you dont mind if I go inside cause it is bloody cold and im wet

Syd: Oh right. Hang up. I'm coming

the 2 of us hung up at the same time and I rushed down stairs.


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